In this column, Capricorn Society’s Group Chief Executive Officer, David Fraser, takes a look at this big question

This is a question which faces everyone and which organisations like Capricorn must play a proactive role in answering.
It is our duty to recognise that going back to “business as usual” is not enough to meet the challenges we face – particularly in the automotive industry.
And, as we celebrate International Day of Cooperatives on 3 July, I can’t help but think: who better than a member-based organisation to lead our industry towards that future?
There are numerous challenges we face as we emerge from the pandemic, some of which we are still waiting to understand. But there are other challenges too, and these aren’t just going to go away.
These challenges affect everyone, but just as our national response to the coronavirus showed, there is power in unified action. That’s why cooperatives are ideally placed to play a central role in leading our respective industries into that future.
For members, they know someone has their back, and they can leverage the power of the collective. For the cooperative, there’s a driving imperative not just to support, but to lead and to innovate.
At Capricorn, we’re proud of what we’ve been able to do for our members for over 45 years, during which time we have continually pivoted as required to deliver on member needs.
For me and the entire Capricorn team, “where to from here?” means rising rapidly to meet the challenges ahead – because “business as usual” will never be enough.

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Yours in cooperation,
David Fraser
Group CEO, Capricorn Society Ltd

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