Fuchs Lubricants says it works closely with a number of OEMs to develop fluids to excel

Fuchs Lubricants explains that effectively, a DSG or Direct Shift Gearbox (also known as DCT – Dual Clutch Transmission) is the clever adaptation of the best technologies from both Manual and Automatic transmissions.
Providing the economy and performance of a well driven manual transmission with the relative ease of an auto, the transmission looks after the clutch operation and timing.
This is a relatively new and evolving approach to power-train design, and as such the engineers from various OEMs are devising different ways of addressing the numerous technical challenges.
Fuchs asks you to consider what these fluids are expected to do: they need to provide the lubricity and shock load protection required to keep the manual gear-train operating, while assisting synchronisers to speed match the gears on shift to provide smooth shifting.
Additionally, they need to perform the function of a hydraulic fluid to operate the clutch pack systems, providing actuation forces and control to apply the clutches while also being the friction fluid between the clutch pack elements. This ensures smooth and consistent operation of these critical components throughout their service life.
Each OEM employs different controls and materials for the clutch packs (even between their own range), so this drives the need to design different performance characteristics into each of the fluids.
Fuchs Lubricants says it works closely with a number of OEMs to develop fluids to excel at the various requirements of each OEM’s design. As such, it says this means it is able to offer the right fluid to support the requirements of the majority of transmissions in the market, ensuring the expected performance, durability and feel of the original design is maintained.

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