Diesel Performance Tune says there are four “irresistible” reasons why you need an ECU remap today

ECU (Engine Control Unit) remaps are amongst the most popular upgrades for your 4WD experience in today’s market.
ECU remapping is when your original 4WD’s computer software file is replaced. This vehicle remap replaces the standard manufacturer’s software in the ECU, overwriting it with new updated software which can be programmed to optimise your 4WD’s overall performance.
Diesel Performance Tune believes that with the right tune and qualified technician, an ECU remap will take your 4WD to the next level for the following reasons.

Increased power and torque
When you replace the default computer software with a fully customisable ECU remap file, Diesel Performance Tune says you remove the limitations which were set by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Diesel Performance Tune says its qualified tuner adjusts the parameters with new levels which suit your driving needs.
When it comes to how much increase you can expect, Diesel Performance Tune says every car is different and therefore the results will be different, but a power increase between 25 to 35 percent is quite common – although the team does state it sees some vehicles with “huge” increases between 40 and 60 percent.

Better fuel efficiency
With the correct tuning, the engine can achieve more power with less throttle, so your overall fuel economy could improve.

Improved overall performance
With an ECU remap, Diesel Performance Tune says your 4WD drivability will improve significantly in all aspects from accelerating, cruising, towing, braking and all off-road driving.

Tailored and customised to your 4WD needs
Diesel Performance Tune knows you didn’t buy a 4WD just to do one thing, and so its qualified tuner will customise your tune to suit your exact needs.
Diesel Performance Tune also states something to consider before you opt for a cheap tune is the fact that unfortunately, like any updates on your mobile phone, not all of them improve it.
Diesel Performance Tune says ECU remapping also works this way and not every person who can offer you an ECU remap will necessarily update your files for the better.
Because of this, Diesel Performance Tune says it is extremely important you have someone with experience and the right equipment carry out your ECU remapping.
Diesel Performance Tune says its qualified technicians only use the best equipment including the latest Dyno Dynamics 4WD Dyno and Alientech tuning equipment and have extensive training to ensure “100 percent customer satisfaction.”

For more information, call 07 5527 7207 or visit www.dieselperformancetune.com.au