ECB is often asked this question and says the simple answer is: no

East Coast Bullbars explains that fitting a Bullbar or Nudge Bar to your brand-new vehicle will not affect the manufacturer’s new car warranty as long as the products are fit for purpose, ADR compliant, and installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
ECB advises that the vehicle manufacturer cannot void a warranty if you choose to fit an aftermarket Bullbar or other accessory under Australian Consumer Laws, unless it can be proven that the fitted accessory has caused the failure of the vehicle.
Further, it states that adding any Frontal Protection will not change the ANCAP rating of your vehicle and if a car dealership states that adding a bullbar or other accessory will void your warranty, you should get that in writing.
Your New Vehicle Warranty covers any potential manufacturing faults that may happen during the determined period. If you have something fitted to your new vehicle that somehow interferes with its safety or performance and its proven to cause the vehicle fault, this is a different matter. ECB says this is why it is important that companies like ECB design and engineer high quality Australian Made products that have been tested for Australia’s harsh conditions.  
Historically, it has been reported some salesmen at dealerships have often mentioned that fitting any aftermarket product; be it a Bullbar, Nudge Bar, Roof Racks, Side Steps, or other accessories will void your new car warranty and try to convince you to only buy the OEM option. This practice is nothing new and something organisations like the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) has been fighting against. Fitting a Bullbar to the front of a vehicle will add additional protection to the vehicle and its occupants in the event of an animal strike or collision.

ANCAP Ratings
The other question which is more common with fleet vehicles is, will fitting a Bullbar or Nudge bar affect the ANCAP rating? And again, the answer is no, says ECB. ANCAP’s scope of work is to complete all testing on what is commonly referred to as an OEM vehicle, as it comes from the factory. This testing is performed in a controlled environment and under strict guidelines and then each vehicle is rated accordingly. Aftermarket modifications can neither reduce nor increase an ANCAP safety rating.

Australian Made? 
ECB says some dealerships will not tell you the origin of their OEM accessories. The reason is most of the vehicle branded Bullbars are imported from China or Thailand and simply not engineered for Australia’s harsh road conditions and wildlife. It says all ECB Frontal Protection products are proudly designed and made in Australia, and will never detract from the safety features of your vehicle. Further, ECB notes that buying Australian made supports our local economy and keeps Australians employed.
ECB is a proud member of the AAAA and the 4WD Industry Council.  

For more information, visit www.ecb.com.au