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Many performance minded drivers with performance cars like to use their cars as they were designed – thankfully!
Many of these drivers take these cars to track days and club events and need all the braking they can muster, but Motorsport Brakes says these cars are often under-braked from factory and fitted with friction material not intended for this type of work.
Motorsport Brakes says this means they fall short in terms of temperature ability and wear rates, so the friction material needs to be upgraded.
Motorsport Brakes explains that Winmax W3 brake pads are a semi-steel based compound suitable for performance and light trackday use.
It says low steel properties mean this pad is popular for those looking to upgrade to exceptional performance without compromising on too much comfort.
Naturally with increased friction and temperature ability, the chances increase of some brake noise and increased ‘dust’.
But this is not always the case though, says Motorsport Brakes, which states Winmax W3 is the perfect cross-over pad that will perform when needed most.
Further, it says the bonus is that they work from ambient temperature as well, so there is no need to warm them up before the daily commute.
Motorsport Brakes carries Winmax W3 in over 100 pad shapes including standard OEM calipers right through to upgrade kit options.
Motorsport Brakes explains it was established to supply premium brake friction products to the Australian and NZ performance and competition markets.
The company says it is now the world’s largest brake pad distributor for Winmax Corp and it also distributes world class racing brake pad brand, Circo Racing Brake Pads.
All Australian distribution of Winmax and Circo products is warehoused at the MSB base in Yatala, Queensland.
The business operates inventory management software which allows for B2B access by Trade and Wholesale partners for all stock and ‘overnight’ purchases.

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