Performance upgrade brake pads for heavy duty and off road, GVM upgrades and towing

Winmax WP2 is a new to market brake pad available from Motorsport Brakes.
Manufactured to standards matching those used in top level motorsport, Motorsport Brakes says this product is a direct fit brake upgrade for some of the popular 4×4 models.
This pad reportedly works from low temperatures and Motorsport Brakes says its fade resistance is excellent, making it perfect for:
• Heavy Duty 4×4
• Off Road
• Towing
• GVM Upgrade
• Wheel and tyre ‘over diameter’ upgrades
Winmax WP2 brake pads are a low-steel, carbon-based compound that Motorsport Brakes says will work much harder than other ‘heavy duty’ pad options, with lower pedal pressure required to pull up those big loads.

• Compound: Low-Metallic Carbon
• Friction: 0.36 – 0.39
• Temp range: 0 – 600degC

Key features:
• 100 percent made in Japan with “world best practices”
• Designed for use in applications where low temperature friction is required
• Very high levels of modulation 
• Excellent all-round brake pad suitable for daily street use in high performance applications.
• Works instantly from ambient temperatures
• Provides long lasting pad life and rotor wear

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