For many people, the home office has become the new normal in recent times

For those with caravans, campers and 4WDs, home is where you park it, creating exciting new possibilities for functional workspaces in wild places.
The biggest challenge when working off grid is keeping your mobile workspace powered up. Without enough power for your tools of trade, working away from home becomes impossible.
On top of your basics, like a laptop and phone, many can’t work without their daily brew to keep their energy up, and others look forward to a cold drink from the fridge at knock off.
Whether you need printers, cameras, monitors, or lights for the late nights, REDARC says it has everything you need to keep your productivity at its peak.
At the heart of the off-grid office is a sufficient power source. REDARC says its range of lithium (LiFePO4) batteries are lighter than their lead-acid equivalents, store more usable power and offer a lifespan up to ten times longer.
However, while some laptops can run directly off 12V, a lot of office equipment requires mains power. REDARC’s Pure Sine Wave Inverters convert 12V DC battery power to 240V AC power, allowing you to run your laptop and printer, as well as appliances like coffee machines, kettles, and heaters.
Whilst a sufficient power source is a must, a system without a DC-to-DC battery charger won’t get you very far.
Suitable for all battery types, REDARC says its compact, robust and weatherproof BCDC range will safely maximise the performance and lifespan of your auxiliary batteries, and thanks to their patented charging profiles, keep them topped up to a proven 100 percent.
When you want to spend longer periods off-grid, solar power can provide a constant supply of electricity without the need for main power, your vehicle’s alternator, or a generator, keeping your office open for business indefinitely.
REDARC says its monocrystalline fixed solar panels feature double channel aluminium frames and tempered glass coatings and are available in a range of sizes to maximise the generating capacity of any vehicle’s roof space.
However, if roof mounting isn’t possible, REDARC says its folding panels offer the same robust construction and efficient performance of the fixed panels, in a compact and lightweight package.
If space is at a premium in your office, REDARC says its latest power generation innovation, Amorphous cell solar blankets, are the solution.
Light in weight and able to capture the full spectrum of light for power generation, these flexible blankets are more efficient in shady conditions than traditional cells and can be folded up for compact storage.
For a more cost-effective blanket, REDARC explains that its Monocrystalline blankets are an efficient and compact solar solution. Light, and with a tough ETFE anti-reflective coating that’s non-stick and scratch resistant, they’re also easy to handle and stow.
When it’s time to work, you need to concentrate on what’s important. With REDARC’s RedVision Total Vehicle Management System, you can monitor and control your entire power system from an app, meaning you can see your state of charge, or get the coffee machine started right from your desk.
Featuring the award winning Manager30, the RedVision System lets you keep multiple batteries charged, monitor power input and usage in real time, and control your appliances remotely.
With storage, solar generation, charging and monitoring, REDARC says it allows you to build an off-grid office that works for you, stating that whether it’s for a few days or for months on end, with the right setup, the world is your oyster – and your office.

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