From Aeroflow Performance

Aeroflow Performance offers a wide array of tools and equipment for your workshop. Just some of the products on offer are as follows:

Professional Single and Double Flare Tool Kit
The Aeroflow Brake Flaring tool is said to be the fastest way to get a professional single or double flare, every time. This easy-to-use flare tool comes with six assorted metric and imperial dies, including the popular 3/16” brake line which requires a double flare to meet ADR standards.
This flaring tool produces convex and double flares to SAE and DIN standards in seconds while the smooth die does not mark the tubing and comes with an easy carry case.

Low profile car ramps
When working with lowered cars with body kits, there isn’t the room to get a jack under the car to access a jacking point, even to simply look under the car to inspect something.
Aeroflow Performance low profile car ramps solve this problem and are designed to not slide forward when driven onto, have a lip on the edge so you don’t drive off the ramp and are very lightweight.

Nine-inch diff centre assembly stand
Mount this Aeroflow Performance assembly stand to your work bench (or engine stand) to stop wrestling with the diff housing every time you need to replace a gear set or spool.
It saves you time and energy, rotating 360 degrees for total access to your Ford nine-inch diff assembly.

Workshop creeper
Forget rolling around on the cold, hard, uncomfortable concrete floor and get yourself a Aeroflow Performance workshop creeper. The six swivel castor wheels make it easy to move around underneath a raised and supported vehicle with little effort. The heavy-duty steel frame holds up to 130kg (maximum) and the great design of this creeper allows it to easily turn into a seat for the ultimate in comfort when working around the workshop.

LS Series Engine Lift Plate
Aeroflow Performance’s engine lift plate is a perfect way to simplify the installation and removal of any LS engine. Remove the intake manifold and valley plate and bolt it down in place using the existing valley plate bolts. There are four holes for various chain placements for proper engine weight balance offset and it suits all GM LS engines.

Engine Lift Plate
Aeroflow Performance’s engine lift plate allows you to lift engines up by the intake manifold for easier manoeuvring. You can also use them as a manifold cover when storing an engine. These Aeroflow zinc plated carburetted engine lift plates fit standard Holley 4150/4160 and Dominator, Rochester Quadrajet, Carter, Demon, Quick Fuel, Motorcraft, Edelbrock, Edelbrock Q-Jet and Carter AFB carburettors.
Also on offer in Aeroflow Performance’s workshop equipment range are a wide array of hand tools, workshop trolleys, engine support bars, Qwik lift vehicle jacks, engine levelling tools, engine cranes, chassis stands, engine stands, engine cradles and more.

To check out the full range, shop online or find your nearest distributor, visit or call 02 8825 1900.