Rechargeable Inspection Lamps from LED Autolamps

LED Autolamps’ range of heavy-duty rechargeable inspection lamps boasts two different versions.

The small and compact HH190
LED Autolamps says the HH190 is perfect for general workshop inspection lighting. A super strong rear magnet and magnetic base including a 180-degree seven position adjustable body makes these lamps handy for difficult dark work environments.
They also have hidden away a swivel/pivot hook for hanging the light if necessary.

The longer HH340 wand style
This lamp also offers a super strong magnetic base with a 120-degree five position adjustable head that is thin enough to reach into tight spaces where the others can’t. The flexibility built into these lamps ensures your hands are on the task with the light exactly where you need it.
Workshop environments can test the integrity of any product but LED Autolamps says its inspection lamps have been Manufactured tough. A Polycarbonate lens sits atop the main light and impact resistant ABS is used for the housing and Base, making them water, oil and chemical resistant. The HH340 handle also boasts a rubber wrapped non-slip grip for extra security when reaching for those hard to get at places.
The high-powered main lights feature the latest in COB (Chip on Board) LED technology. High powered SMD LEDs are used for the convenient inbuilt top light, converting the inspection lamp into a torch all with a push of a button.
Highly efficient, COB LED clusters deliver a clean white light of 6500K with a CRI of 80 which is important for colour definition when inspecting vehicle wiring and other mechanical componentry.
The compact HH190 has an impressive 350 lumen main flood light and 80 lumens for the top torch light. The HH340 wand with dual high/low function outputs an incredible 600 lumen for high, with 300 Lumen for low and finishing with 120 lumens for the top torch.

Charging is quick and effective with only 3-3.5 hours from empty by using encased 3.7 Volt 2200maH Li-on Batteries which ensure a long reliable charge of up to six to eight hours for main lights and seven to eight hours for torch lights depending on which model. Both come standard with a micro USB to wall charger and the HH190-1 also includes a recharging docking station perfect for storage/charging convenience.
The HH190 and HH340 are supplied in a secure retail hang blister pack and the HH190-1 with docking station is neatly packaged in Hang and stand for merchandiser base or counter display. The lamps are supported by a two-year peace of mind warranty.

For more information, visit for your local distributor or call 03 9466 7075.