Invented by local manufacturing innovator, Injectronics

Injectronics says it has invented a world-first technology that fully function tests both the electronic and hydraulic components within the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) modules.
Injectronics’ in-house research and development team has reportedly exclusively designed and developed the Electronic and Hydraulic ABS Tester (eHAT) equipment that accurately diagnoses faults within the ABS modules and hydraulic brake boosters.
Uniquely testing the electronic and hydraulic components, eHAT performs comprehensive full function analysis that includes pump motor current, valve actuation operation, accumulator function, pressure sensor and speed sensor input testing.
The diagnostic procedures create a thorough report that pinpoints the fault or issue within the system; like internal fluid leaks, pressure sensor or switch faults, pressure accumulator leakage or defective solenoid valves.
Injectronics says that prior to this groundbreaking technology, technicians were able to test the electronic system of the ABS using a Virtual Automotive Simulator (VAS) – as well as limited hydraulics testing – but there was no such thing as a combined electronics and hydraulic test system.
It says this meant that hydraulic blocks were generally replaced with a new or second-hand unit without truly understanding what the problem was or whether it could be fixed.
Now, the eHAT system checks hydraulic circuits by feeding brake fluid through the ABS hydraulics. It then function tests the motors, valves, pressure sensors and accumulators under simulated vehicle driving conditions.
“We are very proud of the initiative shown by our first-class team of engineers to identify and develop this ground-breaking testing and analysis technology,” IM Group Executive General Manager, Gino Ricciuti, said.
“The eHAT system is a solution focussed technology that will benefit workshops and customers globally and meet the future needs within the ever-changing Automotive aftermarket industry.”
Injectronics has developed full eHAT testing procedures for the Toyota Camry 40 series, Toyota Prius Gen2 Hybrid Brake Booster (HBB) and the Mercedes Benz E Class’s Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) unit, while testing is being developed for Toyota Landcruiser Prado, Lexus, and Mitsubishi Pajero HBB models.
Matched to passenger vehicles and heavy-duty trucks, Injectronics eventually plans to have eHAT protocols for every major car and truck brand. It says the technology is also perfectly suited to all ATE branded ABS modules such as MK60, MK61 and MK70, as well as Bosch branded ABS modules such as ABS/ESP 8.0 and 8.1, plus the ESP 9 system.

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