Driving workshop revenue and profitability

The Wynn’s MultiServe is a 12V multifunctional service machine which operates effectively to independently clean a vehicle’s fuel injection system, air intake and turbo while treating clogged DPFs without dismantling. It can be used for diesel and petrol engines.
“Modern vehicles are equipped with many components that help them comply with today’s strict emissions regulations,” Wynn’s Australia Technical Sales Manager, Clinton Hair, said.
“The challenge is that urban driving cycles combined with poor quality fuel and moisture in the fuel causes incomplete combustion, the by-products of which is deposited on the engine’s internal components.”
To remove these harmful deposits, Wynn’s Australia says the Wynn’s MultiServe sets a new benchmark for internal engine decontamination, using up to seven specially formulated products to clean the injectors, turbo, air intake on petrol and diesel engines, and particulate filters for diesel vehicles.
“In most cases, the entire service is completed in less than 60 minutes,” Clinton said.
“When you consider that removing, cleaning and refitting a DPF can take hours, the value of investing in a Wynn’s MultiServe quickly becomes apparent.”
Connecting directly to the vehicle’s 12 volt power supply, the Wynn’s MultiServe is portable, versatile and operates completely independently as a stand-alone unit, allowing it to be used not only in the workshop but also on-site.
“As the demand for mobile service solutions increases, so has the popularity of our MultiServe machine,” Clinton said.
Wynn’s Australia says market feedback has confirmed workshop owners who have invested in the new and innovative technology are reaping the benefits of the significant increase in productivity and customer satisfaction that the Wynn’s MultiServe delivers.
“Some workshop owners have said that it’s like having another mechanic in the shop, and it doesn’t ring in sick,” Clinton said.
Left unattended, a build up of carbon deposits will cause a loss of engine power, increased fuel consumption, incomplete combustion, excessive exhaust emissions, and costly breakdowns.
“Workshops using the Wynn’s MultiServe can clean the injection system in both diesel and petrol vehicles directly with our specially formulated cleaning treatments to quickly address these issues and deliver their customers a noticeable improvement in performance and reliability,” Clinton said.
The MultiServe is quick to set up, versatile and easy to use. In addition, Clinton says Wynn’s MultiServe is manufactured using the highest quality components and has step-by-step instructions, that are displayed on the digital display.
“Connecting the machine to the vehicle’s systems is easy, as it is supplied with a range of fittings that cover the majority of vehicle applications,” Clinton said.
“Pressure can be adjusted to suit any type of injection system, and once the treatment cycle has started, the service technician is free to work on other tasks while the Wynn’s MultiServe is in operation.”
The Wynn’s MultiServe can be connected to all petrol and injection systems, including carburettor, K-, KE-, L-, LE-, LH-, Mono-jetronic, Motronic, Renix, PFI and common rail.
The Wynn’s MultiServe cleans fuel injectors, intake valves and the combustion chamber without needing to remove injectors or dismantle the engine. A unique tool injects cleaner directly into the air intake to remove contamination from the inlet manifold and inlet valves.
The MultiServe also does standard, VGT turbo cleaning. This slow working cleaner adheres to the carbon build up on the turbo veins and allows them to move freely again, reinstating the vehicles power and acceleration.

For more information, visit www.wynns.net.au/multiserve