Designed for serious off-roaders

The X-Bar by Hayman Reese is said to be the ultimate off-road towbar.
Hayman Reese explain that the bar’s signature red recovery points are a key design feature for serious 4WD enthusiasts.
The X-Bar is available for most top-selling crew cab 4WDs with differing designs for tray and tub variants.
Depending upon the towbar it is replacing, the cab-chassis X-Bar can improve clearance by up to 100mm vertically and improve departure angles of five degrees compared with OEM and other aftermarket towbars.
The integrated bash plate and protected trailer plug mounts also provide additional off-road protection.
Engineered with recovery in mind, the X-Bars recovery points are rated at up to 8,000 kg depending upon the bar style and point location.
To improve rigidity, Hayman Reese explains the X-Bar is fitted with much thicker side arms than a standard towbar.
The X-Bar ute body series also features a quick-release cover designed to protect plugs and wiring.
When not towing, the closed cover plate provides a clean appearance to the vehicle, hiding the hitch pin, shackle and plug points.
Picking up on the lines of the towbar, the closed cover plate adds to the overall integrated appearance of the ute body X-Bar.
Under towing conditions, the cover plate lifts and locks to allow easy access to plug sockets and shackle points.
Similarly, an open cover plate maximises off-road clearance and minimises impact damage in extreme conditions.

For more information, visit www.x-bar.com.au