Hayman Reese claims its X-Bar sets new standards in towing

The Hayman Reese X-Bar is a fully ADR compliant towbar featuring three highly-visible 8,000 kg rated recovery points and increased clearance for maximum departure angles, wrapped-up in a class leading design.
According to Hayman Reese, when compared to existing OE and aftermarket towbars, X-Bar provides improved clearance and departure angles as it’s mounted higher and neater into the vehicle’s chassis. This also reinforces a key structural part of the vehicle.
To meet ADR requirements for tow ball height, the X-Bar features a custom-forged Trailer Ball Mount (TBM) made from 700-grade steel. The TBM is longer and stronger to accommodate the additional height challenges on vehicles with suspension lift kits. The custom-forged TBM is also removable for additional clearance.
Recovery rated to 8000 kg, Hayman Reese says the X-Bar completes the missing link in rated vehicle recovery requirements. It says other towbars are designed and tested exclusively with trailer and caravan towing in mind; and although commonly used as a solid fixing point for snatch strap recovery, they are not designed with the related stresses imposed when used to extract a bogged vehicle in mind. The X-Bar features two side recovery points rated to 4,000 kg and a centre recovery point rated to 8,000 kg.
During development, product design was a leading criterion. Cab-chassis vehicles are particularly challenging from a design perspective as there are significant differences between vehicles and the plethora of rear of vehicle storage solutions. Hayman Reese says the X-Bar design is rugged, purposeful and practical while the rated recovery points are highly visible and coloured red for contrast and to meet consumer expectations.

The core innovation behind X-Bar is it brings together three separate aftermarket solutions in one product for cab-chassis vehicles: 1) towbar, 2) rated recovery points for the rear of vehicle, and; 3) body styling. Prior to the X-Bar range, such a product range didn’t exist, says Hayman Reese.
The X-Bar incorporates a number of innovative design element, including recessed mounting points for trailer socket and Anderson plug wiring to help protect against accidental damage; a removable and replaceable ‘bash plate’ which helps protect the underside of the X-Bar; and the Hayman Reese anti-rattle SmartPin, which reduces annoying TBM rattle.
The X-Bar product concept consists of side plates, a cross section and recovery point mounting plates. By using a modular approach, fewer common components can be utilised across multiple vehicle fitments. Hayman Reese says the innovative design enables fewer welding jigs and manufacturing tooling – which is perfectly suited for a high-cost, low-volume market such as Australia, which demands manufacturing flexibility.
Added strength also brings added weight, which in a single-piece assembly can create complications. By using a three-piece design, installers can assemble the X-Bar product in multiple stages, decreasing installation and reducing OH&S risks while an added benefit can be found in the fact that a three-piece design accommodates the chassis variability found in these vehicles.
Hayman Reese says multiple design innovations are recognised in the Australian innovation Patent for X-Bar.

For more information, visit www.haymanreese.com.au