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A dramatic increase in diesel engine running problems have been reported to the Burg Design Engine Performance Team from numerous Mechanics, Automotive, Agricultural and Marine owners all around Australia.
Numerous owners of diesel engine vehicles and even Burg Design’s own sales teams have encountered these poor running problems on various makes and models with diesel engines.
As reliability is such an important issue, whether the vehicle is used for lifestyle or commercial purposes, Burg Design says it recently contacted many owners to find out how widespread the problem is and in doing so, it reports it found the average diesel engine could start running very poorly even after low kilometres (especially with daily short distance driving), with DPF problems being high on the list.
The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a device that forms part of the exhaust system, and is designed to reduce the amount of particulate matter that is released from the tailpipe.
It effectively acts as a ‘sieve’ that catches around 80 percent of the harmful soot that has exited the combustion chamber. After a while, the amount of particulate matter caught on the DPF starts to build.
Burg Design says its X1R Five in One Diesel Fuel Decarboniser Treatment quickly starts to remove this build-up from the DPF as well as all of the other gunk in the fuel system.
From the very first bottle of X1R Diesel Fuel Treatment, Burg Design says the engine will be running noticeably smoother, more power-torque and far more economical.
When the diesel engine control software recognises a DPF blockage greater than 10 percent, it injects extra fuel into the engine and when the fuel-rich exhaust gases pass through the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, they raise the temperature high enough for the soot to burn, a process that requires temperatures of at least 600°C.
The problem is that it requires at least a quarter of a tank of fuel and 15 to 20 minutes of time-wasting driving with the engine spinning at over 2,200RPM consistently, only to achieve a short-term result.
During this time, you will notice increased fuel consumption and a burning smell, however Burg Design says that with X1R, all of this is completely unnecessary when the X1R Five in One Diesel Decarboniser/Fuel Treatment is added to the tank every 5,000 kilometres.
Burg Design says the product has been tested and proven by the NASA Chemical Lubrication Engineers and that “while others make claims, they have the proof!”

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