From Injectors Online

After two years and over 3,000 hours of product development, coupled with a combined 45 years of performance fuel injector experience, XS Injectors by Xspurt have been launched to the Australian performance car market.
Injectors Online says XS Injectors are “simply the world’s most accurate injector sets,” stating that “not only do XS Injectors deliver industry leading consistency with each injector set exactly matched to tolerances of just one percent in flow rate and two percent in deadtime but the level of testing each injector and set undergo has never been seen before.”
XS Injector’s dynamic flow matching process reportedly records over 6,500 flow testing points and each injector endures almost 300,000 individual measurements for flow, temperature, pressure, and voltage.
Injectors Online has been marketing the Xspurt range of performance injectors for over ten years, stating that the launch of XS by Xspurt has revolutionised the market.
“It’s been a long and intense process, but we could not be more happy with the end result of our XS Injectors,” said Injectors Online Managing Director, Simon Richards, said.
“The ‘Exact Match’ process genuinely produces injector set matching that’s not been seen before, either here in Australia or overseas. For performance tuners and car owners that are looking for the best fuel control and tunability, there is now a much better choice for injectors.
“We have even gone to the next level with access to the individualised tuning data and test results. These are now stored on the cloud and can be downloaded by tuners in a matter of seconds.”
The XS Injectors are backed by a “industry first” lifetime warranty with “no red tape, no questions asked.”
XS Injectors are available for all popular performance and regularly modified engines such as Ford Barra, Boss and Coyote, Holden V6 and LS, Mitsubishi Evo 1-X, Nissan, RB25, RB26 and VR38, Subaru WRX and Toyota 1JZ, 2JZ and 86 in sizes from 710cc to 1500cc.

For more information, please visit www.xsinjectors.com