From Injectors Online

Performance tuners who tune modified engines know that it is a very precise business, with the smallest of margins potentially making a huge difference to the tuning outcome – especially when it comes to fuel delivery.
XS Injectors were developed as a bespoke product to provide performance vehicle engine tuners with data that is exactly matched to each set of injectors, rather than generic flow rate data.
Improperly matched performance fuel injectors can have a flow variation as high as up to nine percent.
At that range, a customer will never get a good tune no matter how good the data is.
This potential variation in flow, coupled with generic tuning data (one size fits all), makes tuning difficult and sometimes impossible.
Injectors Online says the key to an elite fuel injector set is having all fuel injectors working at not only the exact same performance, but adjusting the tune to match the fuel flow rate.
It states it is widely known that a set of 1000cc injectors generally never flow at exactly 1000cc; a set might all be tightly matched but could flow at 915cc or even 1001cc.
As an example, a set of eight injectors might flow at 943cc. The generic tuning data provided by other injector companies with their product is likely to be calculated for a flow rate of 1000cc.
In this example case, the tune would have a 5.7 percent error. Professional engine tuners would continue to adjust the engine tune to get it perfect, but this can take significant time and cost to the client.
Injectors Online says the time savings achieved by using XS Injectors provides substantial extra value to engine tuners.
It states this is all done at a price point, per injector set, that is comparable to all leading premium performance injector brands.
Further, Injectors Online asserts that the precision testing of each XS Injectors set is like nothing seen before in the industry.
Whilst the testing of fuel injectors is governed by International Standard J1832 and is tightly controlled, the allowable tolerances just don’t work for performance engine tuners who are looking for every piece of horsepower.
Every XS Injector is tested under the strict conditions set out by the J1832 standard:
• Pressure must be 3 bar +/- 0.5%
• Fluid temperature 21° C +/- 2° C
• Voltage 14V +/- 0.05V
Injectors Online says XS Injectors matched sets provide tolerances within one percent on fuel flow rate and two percent on injector dead times and each injector has over 6,500 flow points recorded to create a flow profile.
It states the result is “the world’s most accurate performance fuel injector.”

For more information, visit www.xsinjectors.com.au