A wide range of bespoke performance solutions is on offer from the ACS-owned brand

As a market leader in the supply of performance street and motorsport clutch kits and components, Xtreme Clutch says its range of products has been specifically developed to provide clutch solutions for everything from lightly modified daily drivers through to dedicated race cars and vehicles with engine and transmission conversions.
Xtreme Clutch, which is owned and operated by Australian Clutch Services, offers a range of new and innovative performance products including universal motorsport concentric slave cylinders which are designed for high performance applications where adjustability of operation heights is required (such as in engine/transmission conversions).
Xtreme Clutch has also been introducing its sprung organic multi-plate upgrades to the market over the past several years with this option now available in its 230mm and 270mm multi-plate range.
With an emphasis on providing the highest quality performance clutch solutions to the market, the team at Xtreme Clutch are focusing on the development of these upgrades with comprehensive research and development programs.
“The team here are a wealth of knowledge and expertise and we are always reviewing our products to ensure they are going to offer the best performance solution in the long term,” Australian Clutch Services Mechanical Engineer, Stewart Furze, said.
“We have seen many new products enter the clutch market over the years and they often fail to provide the level of long-term durability or performance characteristics that we look to incorporate wherever possible.
“Our team also look to optimise the intended use of the clutch, so if it is a street clutch we tip the scale toward driveability and wear life, whereas if we are developing a high end motorsport multi-plate, we aim to increase the clamping force and heat capacity.”
Stewart goes on to explain that this attention to providing a bespoke clutch solution for the various vehicle uses is why there are so many clutch options available in the Xtreme Clutch range.
“If you visit our catalogue, you will often find that we have many different options available to the customer for each vehicle,” Stewart said.
“This variation of range allows our customers to select a clutch kit that ideally suits the performance goals and intended use of their vehicle, minimising any unwanted characteristics they may otherwise encounter.”
The team at Xtreme Clutch are also constantly reviewing new vehicles to enter the market.
“Our focus on range is critical to our national distributor network. We are always looking for gaps to ensure we offer the greatest range possible, even for rare or niche vehicles,” Stewart said.
With this in-mind, Xtreme Clutch has recently introduced several new kits to suit the GR Corolla, Nissan Z, FL5 Civic Type-R, as well as the new model BT-50 through its Xtreme Outback 4×4 program.

For more information, visit www.xtremeclutch.com.au or call Australian Clutch Services on 1800 CLUTCH.