The Xtreme Clutch range has proven popular around the world

The street performance and motorsport division of Australian Clutch Services, Xtreme Clutch, has continued to expand its range of service kits for its popular 184mm, 200mm and 230mm multi-plate range of products.
These service kits are designed as a cost-effective solution to allow existing customers to service or repair their clutches to as new condition when required.
The Xtreme Clutch range of multi-plate Motorsport and performance street applications have proven popular around the world and are currently utilised by some of the top drift and time attack competitors from Australia, Europe, the United States and New Zealand.
The lightweight kits utilise an aluminium pressure plate and 4140 chromoly flywheel to retain excellent throttle response whilst also offering a major increase in torque and heat capacity.
These kits have proven durable in high horsepower applications and with the service kits readily available, ensure a long-term solution for owners of these high-powered vehicles around the world.
“Our multi-plate range of clutch kits are often selected by drivers looking for a clutch that can handle excellent torque capacity and driver feel whilst still offering great durability for these types of applications,” Xtreme Clutch Mechanical Engineer, Stewart Furze, said.
“Motorsport and very high-power street use will always result in accelerated wear rates. Our kits have been designed carefully to try and maximise service life for these applications.
“We have had some drivers using our 230mm twin ceramic upgrades in very high horsepower drift cars for multiple seasons between servicing.
“By offering service kits as part of our multi-plate range, we are able to offer even further value to our customers from around the world.”
The service kits can also be used to upgrade clutch kits for vehicles that have progressively developed with more power or switch from street use to dedicated motorsport applications.
“For example, a customer who was already running a 230mm twin plate organic clutch can upgrade to a ceramic version for motorsport use without having to purchase a whole new clutch kit,” Stewart said.
“We can often offer these customers a twin disc ceramic service kit to convert their clutch over as long as the clutch assembly is still within the serviceable tolerances and the flywheel has been re-surfaced.”

For more information on the Xtreme Clutch range of multi-plate service kits, please visit the online catalogue at www.xtremeclutch.com.au or call 1800 CLUTCH.