Xtreme Clutch is a specialist brand in performance street and motorsport clutch kits

As a division of Australian Clutch Services, Xtreme Clutch draws on over 30 years of experience to provide high quality solutions for vehicle owners looking for a clutch that can handle increased torque, but also remains enjoyable to drive.
With an extensive in-house engineering team and testing facility, Xtreme Clutch are also specialists in the development of custom clutch solutions for vehicles with engine or gearbox conversions.
The capability to develop performance clutch kits in-house is a major factor in the success of the brand both in Australia and overseas.
Xtreme Clutch says it goes to great lengths in the development process of a clutch to ensure the best components are paired for optimal performance whilst minimising the impact on driveability and comfort.
“We are looking at the finer details with each of our kits to ensure we provide the best solution we can for each specific application,” Australian Clutch Services General Manager, Simon Acton, said.
“Our ability to test our products in-house gives us a great advantage in the market and combined with real world testing and our years of experience, we are able to provide comprehensive clutch kit solutions.”
Australian Clutch Services says it always looks to provide everything the installer may need in one kit, minimising the chances of installers needing to source additional parts to complete the job.
“Whether it be for our performance clutch upgrades or our standard replacement ClutchPro brand, we are always looking to go to that extra level with our kits,” Simon said.
“All of our performance clutch upgrades come with an alignment tool, release bearing and spigot bearing or bush when it is required, but we also offer a variety of different kit options for each application to try and provide the customer with choice for the level of kit they require.
“In these kits we include additional extras such as a replacement concentric slave cylinder, performance flywheel, braided clutch lines, flywheel bolts, pressure plate bolts, spline grease and thread lock. Some of our kits even come with specific tools to help with the installation process.”
The Xtreme Clutch range includes everything from single disc organic upgrades with a performance pressure plate all the way through to quad plate specialist kits for high powered motorsport applications such as time attack.
The range is distributed through a nationwide distribution network and supported by 10 warehouses around Australia.

For more information, please call 1800 CLUTCH or visit www.xtremeclutch.com.au