The online catalogue has launched after many months of development

Australian Clutch Services has announced that its performance clutch brand Xtreme Clutch has released an online catalogue dedicated to its conversion clutch kits for vehicles fitted with different engines or transmissions.
After many months of development, Xtreme Clutch has now taken the catalogue live for its customers to use as a guide or to view the conversions that the brand has already completed.
The conversion service that Xtreme Clutch offers includes hundreds of engine and transmission combinations to meet the needs of customers who wish to modify their vehicles with different engines or transmissions than originally fitted from the factory.
Xtreme Clutch says that each vehicle and customer-specific conversion is individually assessed to ensure the most suitable conversion is provided for excellent driveability and performance.
The brand designs and develops each kit to the highest standards to ensure optimal performance, quality and wear-life.
“We have been developing conversion kits for many years for everything from daily driven street cars fitted with more durable transmissions through to dedicated race cars with over 1000hp and using sequential racing transmissions,” Australian Clutch Services Mechanical Engineer, Stewart Furze, said.
“Our new conversion catalogue is the ideal guide for those looking for a custom clutch solution for their vehicle. It showcases some of the more popular conversions we have done in the past and gives the details of the basic dimensions of each; however, we do still run every conversion through our normal assessment process to ensure the new clutch is suited to each specific engine and gearbox setup.”
The catalogue also includes links to the documents that need to be completed to collect the necessary gearbox measurements and engine and transmission details.
“We often see customers using different off-the-shelf or fully custom engine to transmission adaptors which can have a major impact on the clutch height, flywheel design and hardware. Therefore, we always make sure to gather all of these basic dimensions from the customer to ensure we provide the best solution and try to make this process as easy and simple as possible for the customer. We even have videos showing how to get these dimensions.”
The new conversion catalogue is found on the Xtreme Clutch website, and conversion kits can be organised through the ACS nationwide distribution network.

For more information, visit www.xtremeclutch.com.au or call 1800 CLUTCH.