Xtreme Outback says the upgrades have excelled in the market due to high dampening characteristics

With the significant changes recently seen in the Australian market, the heavy duty 4×4 and SUV division of Australian Clutch Services, Xtreme Outback, has seen major growth in its Extra Heavy-Duty clutch kit range.
The significant growth was mainly seen in its 70 Series LandCruiser Extra Heavy-Duty kits which have reportedly proven popular in the tuning market.
“We have seen significant growth in the sales of our Extra Heavy-Duty upgrades to suit the VDJ 70 series LandCruiser which we attribute to an increase in the amount of regional travel throughout Australia as well as our significant stock holding around the country,” Australian Clutch Services Managing Director, Brenton Jordan, said.
“We have been a consistent supplier of these kits throughout the recent challenges that the Australian aftermarket has experienced. Our VDJ kits have also been in high demand from the tuning market due to their exceptional noise dampening characteristics combined with the significant increase in torque capacity.”
The new kits provide 1300kg in clamping force which is a 58 percent increase over the factory unit. ACS says it achieves this increase without a significant change in pedal effort and without losing the driveability expected for a daily driven vehicle.
“These kits have been designed and engineered in-house to provide a great balance between driveability and performance,” Brenton said.
“They have also been specifically designed to work with the factory flywheel, although we do offer replacement flywheels where required.”
The kits come complete with an Extra Heavy-Duty pressure plate, sprung organic friction disc, release bearing, slave cylinder, alignment tool and pilot bearing.
Also included in the range is an optional replacement flywheel, clutch fork, pivot ball and hydraulics including master cylinder and braided clutch line.
Xtreme Outback says its Extra Heavy-Duty upgrade for the VDJ 70 Series has excelled in the market due to its high dampening characteristics.
“We have received a lot of enquiries from people looking for an upgrade kit that can handle the increases in torque expected with an aftermarket tune but that can achieve this without significant gearbox rollover noise,” Brenton said.
“We utilise an OE style disc that provides exceptional dampening characteristics, minimising any increases in noise, vibration or harshness from the upgrade.”
With 2020’s rapidly changing market, Australian Clutch Services says it has been working to enhance its stock holding around the country and is quickly evolving to meet the needs of its nationwide distributor network.
“Our extensive stock holding of all clutch components has helped our distributors get fast access to stock over the recent months and we are working hard to ensure our customers continue to have access to the clutch system components they need, when they need it,” Brenton said.

For more information on the Xtreme Outback Range of Extra Heavy-Duty upgrades, please call 1800 CLUTCH or email sales@australianclutch.com.au