Since 1994, YHI Power has been importing and distributing of high-quality batteries

YHI Power battery products are suitable for Automotive, Truck, Tractor, Marine, Golf Buggies, Caravans, Motorcycle, UPSs, and Solar applications, and it also supplies Lithium batteries for Recreational Vehicles, four-wheel drives, and camping. YHI Power says it also has a full range of industrial batteries available for electrical equipment, such as sweepers, scissor lifts, scissor platforms and electronic street warning signals in flooded type and lithium.
The team behind YHI Power says it is extremely proud of its nationwide coverage, having serviced thousands of customers and providing Australia wide warranty across Australia throughout the years.
Its network includes more than 15 warehousing locations and over 40 vehicles from across Victoria, New South Wales, the ACT, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, and the Northern Territory.

New Energy – 12.8V Lithium Batteries
YHI Power says the Vision SP 12.8V battery provides a high IP rating to ensure safe and reliable system operations in the whole lifecycle. Its smart management structure can accurately monitor the status of each component in the system to ensure stable system performance and safety of users.

Key features:
• Intelligent equalisation management
• Over charging/discharging, over temperature and short circuit protection
• Support six in series x six in parallel, for a total 36 batteries in a matrix
• Suitable for RV, Energy Storage and UPS backup purposes

Neuton Power Premium – Heavy-Duty Truck Batteries
YHI Power says the Neuton Power Premium Brand Truck Battery has a good range of Enhanced Flood Batteries (EFB) and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries, featuring AGM and EFB battery technology developed to reduce C02 emissions and increase fuel efficiency by five to ten percent.
It says the Performance of AGM and EFB battery technology will deliver the significantly higher cycle life that Stop-Start systems require and that they are exceptional durable in extreme conditions. AGM and EFB batteries are suitable for vehicle systems with large accessory electrical drains.

Key features:
• Exceptional durability in extreme conditions
• For long haul applications
• Accessible cell

The above products are now available across YHI Power’s nationwide distributor centres. Distribution and reseller opportunities are also available.

For further information, visit www.yhipower.com.au for your local distributor or call 1300 722 028.