You like to stay cool and so does your Auto Transmission

The lifespan of your transmission can be greatly affected if it gets overheated. While all automatic transmission equipped vehicles normally have a transmission cooler, this might sometimes not be enough to properly cool your transmission fluid.
Depending on how your vehicle is used, the Direction-Plus team advises it would be best to think about adding an external transmission cooler if you use your vehicle for towing, carrying loads, driving in sand, snow, off-roading, or driving in hot conditions.
Further, if you have increased the performance of your engine, the Direction-Plus team affirms that an additional transmission cooler can help keep your vehicle running longer and more efficiently.
Key benefits of a transmission cooler:

  1. Protect your transmission from overheating: the primary purpose of a transmission cooler is to keep the hydraulic fluid inside the transmission cool. The optimal temperature for this fluid and your transmission is 760C or lower. But when the temperature increases beyond this point, it can lead to permanent damage and costly repairs. Subsequently the life span of the ATF, seals and internal components of the transmission are significantly reduced. Higher internal temperatures also increase the wear rate of the friction and clutch plates.
  2. Prolong the life of your transmission: under normal driving conditions, your vehicle’s cooling system should be able to properly cool your transmission’s hydraulic fluid before it returns to the transmission. But if you drive aggressively or regularly tow heavy loads, this might not happen. As a result, hot fluid returns to the transmission, which can cause gear issues. A transmission cooler can help your transmission last longer by reducing transmission temperature.
  3. Save money: A broken transmission can be a costly repair. But when you invest in a transmission cooler, you can prolong the life of your transmission by keeping it cool and preventing unnecessary damage to its internal parts. That also means fewer trips to the mechanic.

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