PARts DB says it can assist

When we asked Jim Gurieff, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of PARts DB to describe what makes his company special, he gave us a simple but powerful answer: “our job is to reduce data friction to increase sales for both parts suppliers and sellers.”
As a supplier, how often have you run into painful, time-wasting labour when porting your data to a new seller, only to find you’re up for the exact same experience the next time you want to engage another seller for your products?
Sellers, when was the last time you were able to instantly and seamlessly get a new supplier range up off the ground and onto your site with minimal hassle?
PARts DB explains that it was built to be the industry’s Rosetta Stone, codifying the language of aftermarket auto parts with globalised standards for suppliers, and passing through the data to sellers in a format that could be easily deployed across multiple locations.
For Jim and PARts DB to achieve their goal, it takes an ecosystem of complementary tools. From years in the industry, they know that not all sellers and suppliers face the same challenges and so no two solutions will be exactly the same.
When we sat down to get a clear picture of how PARts DB helps sellers and suppliers alike, Jim started with PARts DB’s crown jewel, PARts Console.
PARts Console is the beating heart of the PARts system, giving PARts customers access to the foundational PARts database of product and fitment information and an instant leg-up in making their catalogue of products ready for the retail market.
From there, PARts Company Enhanced Data (CED) comes in to allow customers to build a deeper, more comprehensive picture of the products in their library with custom categories, fitment filters, kitting and bundling and more.
This solution connects seamlessly to PARts’ end-to-end ecommerce and catalogue engine, PARts B2. In the words of the PARts team: “we created PARts B2 to fill the void for automotive parts online with a dedicated platform designed to handle the complexity of automotive linkages.”
Backing these systems up is the Digital Asselt Vault Online (which the PARts team affectionately refers to as ‘their mate DAVO’).
DAVO is in charge of looking after the images of PARts customer’s products. This single image repository allows customers full control over the way their images appear online and lets them instantly push updates to imagery across multiple locations at once across the web.
So, PARts DB says you might be thinking, ‘it’s all well and good that PARts makes the back-end easier, but if no potential customers are seeing my products, what’s the point?’ It says that is where the PARts IQ Search and Plate VIN Lookup tool comes in.
Utilising PARts Decoder Tech, PARts DB says the PARts Plate VIN Lookup is one of the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate search tools, capable of finding results via text, vehicle ID standards and more against a registration plate.
This stage mixes PARts IQ (Product, OEM Number, Vehicle, Category, Cross-Reference or fitment search) with PARts Plate VIN Service (converts Registration plate or VIN to vehicle sting or Ktype).
All of this is possible through the PARts Console, a one database, one standard, multiple deployments solution for a single source of truth.
Whether it is products on a company’s own website or across hundreds of locations around the web, PARts DB says the PARts Console ensures a single source of truth and consistency for product information, consistently under the control of the company that owns the data.
PARts DB says that is what it all comes down to with PARts DB: it’s your data, you own it. It explains PARts DB is just here to help you get it out there in whatever form you want it to be, and make your life easier along the way.

For more information, contact the PARts team today on 02 8999 8898.