Unique Auto Parts has an array of diesel parts and additives

Unique Auto Parts says it has been servicing cars with the best quality products since 1995.
The company started as a workshop before later transitioning into supplying car parts. Today, Unique Auto Parts says its team uses its knowledge of running a workshop to provide the best experience, range, part quality and customer service to every workshop it encounters.
A large part of Unique Auto Parts’ range is related to servicing the wide variants of diesel vehicles on the road today.
Unique Auto Parts explains that it stocks all of the parts that are important in the running and maintenance of a diesel vehicle, from additives, injector fuel lines, diesel fuel filters and air filters to glow plugs with relays and turbos.
With most modern diesel cars fitted with a turbo to help with economy and with performance, Unique Auto Parts also stocks all types of turbos for different makes and models which it says are imported from only the most reputable overseas brands.
Another large factor in diesel vehicles is the additional additives that are used to help clean the engine and keep it running at its pinnacle. Some of the additives Unique Auto Parts provides are as follows:

  • Carlube Adblue – this diesel exhaust fluid is used with selected catalytic reduction systems to reduce emissions of Nitrogen Oxides. This product is not only more environmentally friendly due to the reduction in NOx pollution, it also lowers particulate emissions and provides better fuel economy.
  • Complete fuel system cleaner (for diesel engines) – suitable for all diesel engines, this special formula is an easy one step application designed to restore engine power by reducing deposits, it also contains a cetane improver to promote quieter operations and easier cold starting.
  • Diesel particulate filter cleaner – specifically developed to clear and regenerate dirty diesel particulate filters to help prevent blockages.

Unique Auto Parts is so confident with the Carlube products it uses them in its own fleet of delivery vehicles in order to keep them running smoothly and be able to provide its customers with a quick and efficient delivery service.
Prompt delivery is available from all five great locations around Melbourne, Brisbane’s South East and Perth. If you are outside these delivery areas, Unique Auto Parts says there is no need to worry as it ships freight Australia wide on a daily basis using the most reliable couriers.

For more information, call 1300 864 864 or visit