Checking your caravan weights has never been easier, says Intertrade

Intertrade’s v2 Towsafe Portable Wheel Load Scales let you have your own “portable weighbridge” to ensure all towing weights are within their specified limits.
Intertrade, a West Australian company, explains it was the first to develop a DIY Tow Ball Weight Scale which was suitable for the Australian market back in 2013. This product was marketed under the TOWSAFE brand.
“We saw the opportunity to develop a low cost weighing scale that could not only weigh the Tow Ball weight, but also the ATM (aggregate trailer mass) of a fully loaded caravan,” Intertrade Director, Steve Nicholson, said.
“After a further two years of R & D, we finally introduced our first low cost portable platform weighing scale. These scales were highly sought after, we had sold out numerous times as they were affordable, light weight and extremely accurate.
“During the past 12 months we have been developing and testing our new v2 model which has just arrived. This v2 model comes with front and rear ramps, a longer LCD display time to give you more time to take the measurements and also has four times more load cells which gives improved accuracy.
“Full scale the accuracy is at 0.5 percent, which is attainable when used on a level, flat surface. The Towsafe platform scale uses the Static (Drive onto) weighing principle which has a far greater accuracy than other Dynamic (Drive over) scales on the market.”

Included with the scales is a two-direction spirit level to assist in ensuring your weighing site is level. The TOWSAFE Portable Wheel Load Scales has been tested to conform to the Australian and International standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005.
“Gone are the days when you had to travel miles and fork out hard earned money at a weighbridge or use a bathroom scale, planks of wood and bricks to ensure your maximum towing weights were not exceeded,” Steve said.
“The V2 Towsafe Portable Wheel Load Scales are affordable, easy to use, portable and accurate for weighing your towing vehicle and also your towed vehicle.
“Knowing your towing weights is critical, especially when you are loading up or adding additional weight to your towing vehicle or van.
“Being overloaded or having incorrect load distribution can have dangerous consequences, such as swaying, loss of traction or lack of steering control. You can risk your safety and the safety of others on the road and it is also illegal to have an overloaded trailer or caravan.”
The scale is constructed from aluminium and stainless steel, with an LCD back lit readout. The aluminium platform measures 305mm x 305mm and has a capacity of 1500kg per wheel. This allows you to weigh a single axle van up to 3000kg, or a twin axle van up to 6000kg. With the platform height being only 19mm, even though the scales are low profile it is suggested to use levelling pads to achieve maximum accuracy.
Intertrade says using the scales is as simple as switching the scale on and driving the van or vehicle onto the platform. The reading from each wheel is then added together, giving you the vehicle or van’s GTM. To obtain a van’s ATM, you simply rest the jockey wheel on the scale and add this reading to the GTM total.
This Scale can also be used in the vehicle racing industry to set up the car’s suspension and also for weighing vehicles after a GVM upgrade.

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