GoPay offers specialised service to the automotive industry

Since inception in 2018, GoPay says it has cemented itself as “the only specialist automotive buy now, pay later service in Australia.”
GoPay explains that it is its focus on the automotive market and a system that enables a workshop to process a payment simply and quickly without any prior planning that makes GoPay the perfect workshop partner.
Having helped thousands of customers get their car looked after from engines, to tow bars, to a simple service, GoPay says the nature of its service means that the customer can spread their cost over a longer term for no extra cost.
GoPay says it is this transactional method that makes customer acceptance rates very high. It also states that it offers very competitive commission rates which include all merchant fees that are normally charged when using an EFTPOS machine.
With an advanced contactless payment option, a customer can pay their bill before they arrive to pick up their vehicle – meaning less contact and potential down time for any business that enables their customers to use GoPay.
GoPay is currently available in 1,500 workshops around Australia.
With this number reportedly growing every week, GoPay says it is “the automotive payment specialist in Australia run by people who understand and are connected to the industry.”

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