Repco has your towing needs covered

As we head into spring and summer, thoughts of heading out to enjoy a weekend away are at the forefront of people’s minds – and this is especially so in the southern states where the winter has been long and cold.
A lot of us have caravans and campers or a boat or jet ski we can take away, or perhaps a 6×4 trailer to load up with camping gear while ensuring you and the kids have room to move in the car.
All of these things require towing, and Repco says it is ready to help sort out all your towing needs.
“We can help with a towbar to suit your vehicle to rewiring the lights on the trailer with new, brighter LEDs,” Repco 4×4 Adventure and Escape Merchandise Manager, Dion Cachia, said.
“We can provide straps and nets to hold down the load, so you arrive with what you had when you started out.
“You can get rid of that old leaky hydraulic brake set up and upgrade to electric brakes which are more reliable, and you can dial up how hard you want your trailer or caravan to brake.
“There is a range of jockey wheels to suit all types of trailers – my personal preference is to get one that is permanently mounted onto the trailer. It swivels up out of the way when towing which means you can’t accidentally leave it behind or lose it!

“My favourite piece of ‘trailianna’ (if that is a word) is the adaptor plug that joins the trailer wiring connector to the car wiring connector.
“Without it, you have no trailer lights or electric brakes if fitted. It is the most complex piece of equipment you will ever have to buy for a trailer. You have to factor in how many pins, male or female connectors and it comes in a variety of combinations.
“The best thing you can is take a picture of the trailer plug and car connector on your phone. We have a large range of these and can easily sort you out with what you need.
“Loading ramps are handy when loading large or heavy wheeled items onto a trailer – always make sure the ramp load ratings are higher than the weight of the object you are loading.
“We also offer a large range of accessories including extension mirrors, tow bar tongues and tow balls, trailer locks, pins and shackles.”

For more information, visit your local Repco store. For locations, go to