Unique Auto Parts says it has you covered

Steering and suspension are both important factors in the stability and comfort of your vehicle’s ride. However, you may find that these components wear out over time as they are continuously under pressure and use.
Unique Auto Parts says that luckily for you, it stocks high quality replacement parts for a fraction of the genuine cost.
The company’s stock of suspension components includes, but is not limited to, struts, shock absorbers, suspension arms and bushes.
Unique Auto Parts also stocks air suspension components such as air suspension struts, air suspension pumps and air suspension bags.
Air suspension parts can be quite costly and generally only found genuine, however Unique Auto Parts says that thanks to its supplier relationships it is able to import these parts for a much better price, all whilst ensuring the durability and quality of the part.
Steering is also a large part of the driver experience and Unique Auto Parts stocks drag links, steering tie rod ends, rack ends, power steering pumps, power steering fluid and ball joints. The range is available for all European vehicles and all parts are reportedly sourced from reputable European brands.
Unique Auto Parts states that its range is extensive and includes all the necessary service groups such as steering, suspension, brake components, filtration, engine oils, fluids, seals, sealants and car care. All parts are available in store and ready to go, says Unique Auto Parts, just ring up with a VIN number ready and the team will be able to get your parts ready.
Unique Auto Parts has five conveniently located stores over Australia. Each warehouse is fully stocked and service their surrounding areas. These warehouses are located in Dandenong, Mornington, Heidelberg, Brisbane and Perth.
Not only do Unique Auto Parts have daily delivery, they are also able to ship Australia wide using a network of couriers.

To be connected to your nearest store, call 1300 864 864 or for more information visit