Built tough for the Australian outback

Keeping your vehicle powered is essential, especially when driving long distances or off road.
Unlike drivers with a sedan, motorists with Heavy Duty Off-Road 4x4s and SUVs need a more robust battery to meet these tough demands.
The Yuasa Overlander 4X4 range, which is available exclusively at Australia’s leading battery retailer, Battery World, lets rough terrain explorers crank up the power.
Battery World explains that the Yuasa Overlander 4×4 batteries are designed and built right here in Australia, and they pack a punch.
Built from incredibly strong internal components and advanced manufacturing processes, they reportedly deliver superior reliability and performance to withstand the rigors of four-wheel driving and are equipped to handle the extreme climate and harsh off-road conditions of the Aussie outback.
Battery World says the added benefits of these Overlander lead acid batteries include having increased resistance to corrosion from high under bonnet temperatures as well as superior vibration endurance from driving on uneven roads and surfaces: both major culprits of shorter battery life.
Key features include:
• Hybrid technology for better corrosion resistance in higher temperatures.
• Dual purpose design – starting and semi-cycling capabilities for powering 4WD accessories.
• Platelock technology provides superior shock and impact endurance.
The Overlander range covers most of the popular four-wheel drive vehicles in Australia and comes with a 30 and 36-month warranty for greater peace of mind and value for money.
Battery World says its vast range of battery solutions has helped power the passion of many Australian motorists.

For more information head into your nearest Battery World store or to order online for pick up or delivery, visit www.batteryworld.com.au