TRW is said to be one of the most reputable and recognisable brands in global automotive braking and safety systems

Available from ZF in Oceania, the TRW brake program offers more than 9,000 part numbers, with the range featuring “superior solutions” for a wide array of applications, covering the majority of the local car parc.
Newly introduced to the range are a number of products focused around the TRW Electric Park Brake (EPB).
The TRW EPB has become standard equipment in many vehicles in recent years. Despite being first established in the upper vehicle classes, it is now increasingly used in volume models.
Advantages of the EPB include increased driver comfort, more freedom for the car’s interior designers, and allowing the possibility of new driver assistance functions.

TRW EPB Repair Kit
Although the EPB variations with actuator integrated into the brake caliper are considered very reliable and durable, damage can still occur – as with any technical system.
The electric actuator can fail even if the mechanical part of the brake caliper is still intact, such as after a long period of the vehicle standing idle, when the brake pads can detach from the disc and overload the engine.
If the EPB actuator is defective, workshops have to replace the entire EPB brake caliper – until now, says ZF.
ZF Aftermarket now offers a TRW actuator repair kit as a low-cost and resource-saving alternative to complete replacement of the brake caliper.
The kit consists of the electric actuator, two fastening screws and an O-ring, with which the EPB can be repaired in a short time and at low cost for the customer.
The TRW actuator repair kits are available to order from ZF in Oceania for the following models:
• Audi A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, TT, Q3, Q7, Q8
• BMW 5 series, X3, Z4
• Jaguar F-Type Convertible
• Seat Ateca, Leon, Alhambra
• Skoda Karoq, Kodiaq, Superb
• Volkswagen Golf VII, Passat, CC, Arteon, Tiguan, Touareg

TRW Brake Calipers
ZF Aftermarket also has plans of extending the TRW EPB calipers range, with versions soon available for a wide range of models from Audi and BMW in the same colours as used in the original equipment, including black, red, grey and ultramarine.
Some vehicle manufacturers also use an attractive colour design for the caliper of the service brake. Therefore, ZF Aftermarket now offers a wide range of coloured brake calipers which can be fitted to many models from the Volkswagen Group, as well as cars from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Peugeot and Land Rover.
The TRW product range from ZF Aftermarket also includes spare parts for luxury cars and sports cars with high-performance brake calipers in the OE colour available for models such as the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Mercedes-Benz SLC, powerful SUVs including the Range Rover Sport and for top sports models such as the Audi S6 and BMW M8.
The local TRW brake program, available from ZF in Oceania, includes brake pads, discs, master and wheel cylinders, boosters and calipers, as well as companion products like brake hoses, brake fluid, brake grease and brake cleaner.

For further information, visit www.trwbraking.com.au