ZF is one of the world’s leading suppliers in the automotive aftermarket, with more than 30 years of local operations servicing the industry across Australia, New Zealand and the entire Oceania region

Operating worldwide in more than 120 locations across 40 countries, ZF Aftermarket is a €3 billion business that employs around 8,000 people, supplying and servicing original-equipment quality technology and components for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, light trucks, heavy trucks and buses.
Three decades in, ZF Services Australia operates two locations with representation in four states, employs more than 70 people and works with over 25 ZF service partners across Australia and New Zealand.
Underlining its commitment to the local market, earlier this year ZF Services also relocated its Oceania headquarters to larger premises in Blacktown (NSW), enabling it to bring all its activities under the one roof.
“As a pioneer of automotive technology and one of the world’s primary original equipment suppliers to the global passenger car, truck and bus manufacturers, ZF comes to the market with unrivalled credentials,” ZF Services Australia Managing Director, Mark Lowe, said proudly.
“That is not a boast, it is just a fact … ZF technology is the result of the company’s enormous commitment to research and development, which manifests itself in the supply of original equipment components to manufacturers across the globe.
“The benefit of that flows directly into the aftermarket, where original equipment quality components are offered as repair, replacement or upgrade parts for all manner of fitments, be that here in Australia or globally.”
The company’s range of automotive aftermarket offerings in Australia is indeed extensive, with components available for driveline, chassis, steering and braking from its primary brands: ZF, LEMFÖRDER, SACHS and TRW.
ZF explains it is well known globally for its extensive range of automotive transmissions which are fitted as original equipment to many different types of vehicles.
Demonstrating its absolute commitment to cutting-edge transmission technology, ZF displayed an innovative eight-speed plug-in hybrid transmission with electric drive unit at the recent Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo (AAAE).

The ZF Services Australia Leadership Team

Here in Australia, ZF supports its original equipment transmissions with a range of genuine spare parts for servicing and repair, carrying stock for up to 15 years after volume production has finished.
Additionally, ZF offers its original equipment transmission lubricants range as an aftermarket product called ZF-Lifeguardfluid for passenger car transmissions, which is available for servicing or replacement.
These synthetic or semi-synthetic lubricants are factory filled on ZF transmissions, having been optimised to reduce friction and therefore fuel consumption, while also promoting the reduction in exhaust emissions.
One of the power brands in ZF’s portfolio is SACHS, purveyors of premium grade shock absorbers and clutches.
Locally, the SACHS range offers more than 3,000 shock absorber references, with a combination of mono-tube and twin-tube gas pressurised shock technology throughout the entire range.
Additionally, over 385 strut mounts and bearings and more than 220 bump stop and boot kits are available.
In a demonstration of its commitment to the local automotive aftermarket, ZF Services Australia has increased the SACHS shock absorber range in Australia by over 500 units in the last three years.
Likewise, SACHS’ clutch catalogue continues to expand, and now numbers over 1,500 components which includes clutch covers and discs, flywheels and clutch release systems, for various applications including buses, agricultural and construction vehicles.
Demonstrating the technology-led approach apparent right across the ZF group of brands, ZF Services Australia recently displayed the world’s first aftermarket brake pad for electric vehicles from TRW at the AAAE.

The ZF Services Australia stand at AAAE 2019

Called ‘Electric Blue’, the new brake pad is the result of extensive research and development and has been produced in recognition of the global move toward hybrid and electric vehicles, and the now-increasing demand for specialised brake pads to suit.
For more conventional petrol and diesel-powered vehicles, COTEC is an advanced silicon coating that TRW applies to the majority of its replacement brake pads.
It results in improved contact between brake disc and pad, promoting shortened stopping distances of up to seven metres during the first few stops after fitment, compared with other premium brake pads.
The innovative COTEC coating means the TRW pads consistently outperform rival major brands during the bedding-in period when the friction co-efficient is lower than usual, says ZF.
In addition to COTEC, TRW has recently developed DTEC, a premium quality ceramic brake pad which reduces brake dust exfoliation onto the surface of the wheel rim by up to 45 percent.
TRW produces more than 12 million brake discs worldwide every year for both original-equipment and the aftermarket.
Weight is often viewed as the ‘enemy’ of braking systems with vehicle manufacturers worldwide seeking reductions as a means of improved efficiency, economy and dynamics. This is why TRW developed its High Carbon Discs, says ZF.
These High Carbon Discs not only offer reduced weight but also improved braking performance and lower NVH (noise vibration harshness) properties, via optimal thermal conductivity. Fundamentally this technology allows the discs to run cooler, for more consistent brake performance, better stability, plus increased resistance to distortion and thermal cracking.

Tighter production tolerances also ensure original equipment quality on these aftermarket TRW components, with DTV (Disc Thickness Variation) of 12um or less, and run-out of 30um or less. All castings are made from top-quality GG15HC high carbon materials.
Black Painted discs are another TRW signature product, the special gloss black paint coating the disc to provide a protective barrier against corrosion as well as enhancing their appearance.
Of course, there’s also a range of TRW cast iron discs too, made from GG20 grey cast iron material and then a further range of discs with integrated bearings, ABS ring sensors and fixing accessories.
TRW’s area of expertise is broader than just brakes, as it demonstrated at the recent AAAE with its ‘Corner Module’ that displayed a range of its aftermarket components which included steering and suspension parts, as well as brake components.
LEMFÖRDER is another brand in the ZF portfolio, offering the aftermarket premium quality steering, suspension, chassis and rubber-to-metal replacement parts for passenger car, light commercial vehicles and heavy trucks.
Utilised as original-equipment fitments by more than 50 vehicle manufacturers worldwide, LEMFÖRDER’s range of steering and chassis components includes stabiliser links, steering arms, idler arms, tie rods, control arms and suspension joints.
Available too are engine mounts, transmission mounts, axle bearings, suspension strut mounts and complete mounting kits.
Three decades after ZF Services Australia’s 1987 establishment, the company now provides via its trusted brands a wide range of original equipment quality aftermarket components for local passenger car, commercial vehicle, light truck, heavy truck, construction and mining vehicles, plus agricultural equipment, marine and even railway applications.
With its industry leading forward thinking research and development, ZF says it continues to define and embrace the latest in automotive technology to ensure the Australian automotive aftermarket is future proofed.

More information is available at www.aftermarket.zf.com/au



ZF’s commitment to the Australian market is no better demonstrated than with its recent introduction of the SACHS MAX range of shock absorbers

For fitment to both standard and raised suspensions for off road, four-wheel-drive and utility applications, the SACHS MAX range of big bore heavy duty shock absorbers has been developed specifically in response to Australian customer demand.
“SACHS MAX is a great example of responding to the prevailing market conditions,” ZF Services Australia Head of IAM Oceania, Darren Leyshon, said.
“Our big bore SACHS shock absorbers have been around for a couple of years now, but was limited in terms of local fitments, so we were able to develop a portfolio of new products, under the brand SACHS MAX, that met the market and responded to customer demand.
“In doing that, it was imperative that we retained the qualities and performance attributes that SACHS is renowned for.”

The heavy duty big bore design of the SACHS MAX shock absorbers incorporates larger pistons and cylinders, which results in a reduction in heat and improved consistency under repeated loads, for a more durable shock absorber and a more comfortable and safer ride.
Delivering superior handling and enhanced safety through performance in extreme conditions and under heavy loads, the SACHS MAX premium quality shock absorbers are available to fit some of the most popular 4×4 vehicles in Australia including Ford Ranger, Toyota HiLux and Land Cruiser, Nissan Navara and Isuzu D-MAX.

For more information call 1800 ZF SALES (1800 937 2537) or visit www.sachsmaxshocks.com.au