TRW, a global leader in safety systems for the automotive aftermarket, has announced a significant investment in the local market

TRW has announced the expansion of its braking product offering through ZF Services Australia, effective 1 August, 2020.
Worldwide, as a premium brand of ZF, TRW says it is leading the field in OE quality components for Passenger Vehicles, Light Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Commercial Vehicles and Motorcycles, with products covering braking, steering and suspension.
With 100 years of experience, TRW’s local offering covers 2,744 brake related product lines, with input from 6,000 engineers, designers, and experts from around the planet, ensuring the products are the benchmark in the industry.
“ZF’s TRW is the leading provider of OE quality parts to the Aftermarket. As a whole chassis provider, all TRW parts are designed and manufactured to work in perfect harmony,” ZF Services Australia Head of IAM Oceania, Darren Leyshon, said.

TRW: maximum safety
Safety is reportedly always at the forefront for all TRW products, with rigorous testing of all items giving vehicle manufacturers, aftermarket suppliers, workshops, and ultimately consumers the confidence to trust the wide array of products.
Working with premium vehicle manufacturers for over a century has given TRW the know-how to produce cutting edge products, which are tailored to ensure efficient installation in the workshop.

A brake pad leader
TRW says it has developed a reputation as the trusted provider of braking products, with market-leading advances in brake pads setting the brand apart, with the range available in Australia providing coverage for the majority of the local car parc.
One of the most recent innovations for the ZF brand is the world’s first aftermarket brake pad for electric vehicles.

Called ‘Electric Blue’, it has been produced in response to the global move toward hybrid and electric vehicles, placing specialist demands on the aftermarket.
Meanwhile, for more traditional petrol and diesel-powered vehicles, COTEC is an advanced silicate made of naturally occurring materials, forming an eco-friendly coating that TRW applies to the majority of its brake pads.
It results in improved contact between the brake disc and pad, promoting shortened stopping distances of up to seven metres during the first few brake applications after fitment.
This innovative coating means that TRW brake pads consistently outperform other premium brands during the bedding-in period, especially when fitted in combination with TRW brake discs, improving the friction co-efficient when braking performance is at its lowest.
TRW has also developed DTEC, a premium quality ceramic brake pad which reduces brake dust exfoliation onto the surface of the wheel rim by up to 45 percent.

Brake rotor range
TRW produces more than 12 million brake discs worldwide every year, for both original equipment fitting and aftermarket purposes, with a range of 559 parts destined for Australia.
Its High Carbon Discs were developed as a means of reducing weight, while also improving braking performance and NVH (Noise, Vibration Harshness) properties via optimal thermal conductivity.
This technology allows the discs to run cooler for more consistent brake performance, better stability, plus increased resistance to distortion and thermal cracking.
TRW utilises the edge-grinding method for manufacturing discs, ensuring they remain balanced for the life of the rotor, providing for safe, comfortable and vibration free driving.
Each TRW disc has the minimum thickness, part number, and a traceable batch code etched into the edge of the rotor, for your peace of mind.

Another signature TRW product from ZF is its Black Painted brake discs, where the disc is coated in special gloss black paint to provide a protective barrier against corrosion.
Packed in moisture inhibiting VCI paper, the discs do not have to be cleaned with oil or rust preventative prior to fitting, enabling them to be taken straight out of the box and installed, a valuable time-saving initiative for workshops.
TRW also offers a range of cast iron discs made from GG20 grey cast iron material, as well as an assortment of discs with integrated bearings, ABS ring sensors and fixing accessories, all to suit a multitude of replacement applications.

Brake accessories, consumables and beyond
Outside of the extensive brake pad and rotor line up, ZF Services Australia from August 1 will also be offering a range of TRW OE quality companion products.
Included in this range will be necessities such as brake hoses, brake fluid, brake grease and brake cleaner.
Future moves into the space for TRW are set to feature other braking components such as brake calipers, drum brakes, brake boosters and hydraulic brake components.
TRW says its caliper range perfectly complements the disc and pad combinations, with parts ranging from electronic Park Brake Calipers, to Foundation Brakes Composite Calipers, OE matched painted calipers, as well as repair kits for an array of applications.
While there was a time when it seemed that the humble drum brake was heading to extinction, the emergence of small city cars has seen the system now installed in around 45 percent of new cars manufactured globally.

The simplicity of the drum brake system leads to lower costs, with TRW leading the market with its preassembled Super Kit, containing all of the necessary parts for workshops to complete jobs quickly, including brake shoes, wheel cylinders, required adjusters, high temperature grease, and any necessary accessories, such as axle nuts or bearing caps.

Corner Module Solutions
Another potential future product line for TRW locally is the expansive range of Corner Module Solutions, which draw together components such as steering, braking and suspension complete in the one box, with fitting kits ensuring a perfect installation.
These Corner Module Solutions cover a wide range of applications, from passenger cars, as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles.
“TRW understands the demands facing workshops, and the products required by mechanics to get jobs completed, easily, and on a budget,” Darren said.
“The beauty of the entire TRW range is that it streamlines operations for workshops, with our pre-packaged and assembled options not only reducing installation time, but also the administration effort when ordering and charging out jobs.”

TRW and the Environment
Also of increasing importance in the modern day marketplace is the environmental credentials of products, with TRW’s line-up said to be leading the way with not only innovative manufacturing systems, but also throughout the life of the parts.

For more information on the full range of TRW products from ZF, visit www.trwaftermarket.com or contact ZF Aftermarket via 02 9679 5555.