This software offers higher energy efficiency and longer battery life for Electric Vehicles

The global technology company ZF has developed a new Energy Management System (EMS) software for the commercial vehicle market.
The ZF EMS can control all auxiliary units such as air compressors, steering pumps and thermal management while also coordinating the energy requirements of the driveline.
ZF says its software can reduce energy consumption per kilometer, which increases the range and potentially extends the battery’s service life.
In addition to greater efficiency, ZF says there are also benefits related to maintenance, diagnosis and reduced battery costs.
“Only such an integrative approach makes it possible to further increase the efficiency of electric vehicles,” said Winfried Gründler, who is responsible for E-Mobility in ZF‘s Commercial Vehicle Technology Division.
“This illustrates the strategic importance that software expertise has for our Group strategy: Next Generation Mobility.”
ZF currently offers the EMS ZF as an add-on to commercial vehicle electric drive systems already in volume production.

ZF’s EMS also reportedly supports a faster launch to market of highly efficient all-electric commercial vehicles.
ZF says that this software coordinates the correct start-up and availability and interaction of all components in the vehicle relevant for the flow of energy.
This includes the battery’s state of charge, the electric drive, and all auxiliary units such as the compressor, DC/DC converter and heating.
If the charging state of the battery decreases during a long trip, the EMS is able to lower the energy requirement priority of the auxiliary units to extend the range.
The EMS can also take over charging management at the depot. Additionally, the software simplifies diagnostics since it is constantly checking the functional status of all consumables.
“With our system, we are targeting bus and truck manufacturers unable to develop their own EMS or want to use them differently,” Winfried said.
“Fleet owners such as transport authorities also benefit when only one partner assumes overall responsibility for the energy management of a vehicle.”

For more information, visit www.zf.com/au or call 1800 ZF SALES (1800 93 72537).