AAAA Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – Tools and Equipment

The competition for AAAA Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – Tools and Equipment award was exceptionally close with ten entries in total from eight AAAA members.
In this issue, we take a look at the entrants who vied for this award including Autel Intelligent Technology Corporation’s winning MaxiSys IA900WA.

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Autel Intelligent Technology Corporation, MaxiSys IA900WA – WINNER
The new IA900WA can be used to calibrate ADAS sensors and cameras, and also to perform wheel alignments. It comes with all the necessary software to perform both tasks. Autel explains this versatility is all the more interesting because often, before proceeding with the calibration of ADAS equipment, the verification and correction of wheel alignment are required. As such, Autel says this process can improve maintenance shops’ efficiency and profitability. Thanks to a 24-inch touchscreen monitor, which can be simulcast from a MaxiSys Ultra, the IA900WA includes bi-directional control functionality and further, Autel explains that inside its ADAS calibration software is the industry’s fastest and most accurate frame placement.
For more information, www.autel.com

Autel Intelligent Technology Corporation, MaxiSys Ultra
The MaxiSys Ultra is Autel’s most ambitious diagnostics tablet, designed to maximise technician intelligence. It features a 12.9-inch touchscreen tablet with Android 7.0 OS powered by an octa-core processor (2.3GHz Quad + 1.7GHz Quad), and 256GB built-in memory, all powering the new split-screen multi-application navigation to provide diagnostic guidance and test components to confirm vehicle repairs. Combined with dynamic topology module mapping, enhanced Autoscan features, and Intelligent Diagnostics options, the Ultra offers technicians step-by-step repair guidance. The new MaxiFlash VCMI functions as a four-channel oscilloscope, waveform generator, multimeter, and CAN BUS tester, and the convenient docking station both charges and houses the Ultra.
For more information, visit www.autel.com

Three Point Classic, The Elevated Creeper
Three Point Classic says The Elevated Creeper is a technician must have which will revolutionise your ability to work from the top side of the engine compartment. It says it is the perfect solution for any technician or tradesman working in hard-to-reach spaces or awkward spaces and has a generously padded support deck fixed to a high-grade, adjustable mount with attached ladder. It is available in two options – standard, or a convenient portable foldaway model; features industrial strength bearings and whisper-quiet wheels; while the tough, durable construction supports up to 158kg. Ergonomic controls create flexible and adaptable operation while the padding protects both the vehicle paintwork and provides added comfort.
For more information, visit www.threepointclassic.com

WERP International Pty Ltd, The WERP (AKA The Wheel Edge Ring Protector)
The patent pending WERP is said to be the world’s first wheel edge ring protector tool. This first of its kind device took over four years to design and develop. It is a metal ring that works in conjunction with a durable rubber band that allows The WERP to be securely latched on to the wheel to protect the wheel edge during tyre removal and installation. WERP International says the design means no slipping, no scratching, no denting; and regardless of the profile of the tyre, the risk of damage to the wheel rim is now almost zero – saving shops thousands per year in wheel repairs.
For more information, visit www.thewerp.com.au

Robert Bosch Australia, Secure Diagnostic Access Software
Bosch’s Secure Diagnostic Access (SDA) software is a central, integrated and standardised solution allowing straightforward access to protected vehicle data for different vehicle manufacturers. SDA allows workshops to continue performing comprehensive diagnostics on vehicles with protected diagnostic data easily and without any restrictions. Using SDA, workshops don’t need to worry about billing and costs from manufacturers as Bosch SDA offers a flat rate with the costs already included within the license fees. Bosch says that by gaining access to diagnostic content with restricted access via Bosch Secure Diagnostic Access, workshops can save time and money.
For more information, visit www.bosch.com.au

GPC Asia Pacific, Repco 1800kg Low Profile Aluminium Service Jack
Repco says its 1800kg Low Profile Aluminium Service Jack has been designed with the Professional Workshop in mind. The two-stage hydraulic, 1800kg lifting capacity covers the majority of passenger vehicle applications, combined with a 95mm minimum height making it perfect for getting under low profile cars. Aluminium Trolley Jacks have a significant weight saving advantage over their Steel counterparts, making them ideal for mobile mechanics and for track day use. The Repco 1800kg Low Profile Aluminium Service Jack has been designed with nylon wheels, making it far quieter than steel wheels when rolled across workshop floors, while protecting the epoxy coating found on most workshop floors.
For more information, visit www.repco.com.au

HELLA Australia, HELLA GUTMANN CSC-Tool Digital
HELLA Australia says the CSC-Tool Digital is efficient, easy to use and provides even more flexibility than ever before, delivering technicians access to more than 20 calibration targets across multiple makes and models. These targets are easily interchanged, greatly reducing set-up time; and there is no need to physically store multiple panels. Targets are projected in high resolution onto a 200cm screen, using a state-of-the-art ultra-short throw projector – reportedly the largest of any ADAS calibration tool currently available. In addition, patented green line laser technology makes it quicker and easier to ensure absolute alignment of the vehicle’s camera or radar sensor using its rear axle.
For more information, visit www.hella.com

Alemlube, Varcombo – Ravaglioli Commercial and Passenger Vehicle Alignment System
The Ravaglioli Premium Truck and Car Wheel Aligner is an advanced wheel aligner utilising leading European software technology, together with local assembly and sourced computer and accessories for a “bullet proof “and reliable Car/truck wheel aligner. It is supplied complete with the master control unit, 24” LCD display, keyboard, mouse, battery charger, printer, and six measuring heads, as well as both car and truck wheel clamps, a pair of each car and truck turntables, a brake pedal depressor, and steering wheel holder. The Bluetooth transmission ensures reliable and accurate information, and the data management and display program systems contain in excess of 90,000 vehicle data sheets.
For more information, visit www.alemlube.com.au

Milwaukee Tool, Milwaukee – Wrench-Compatible Socket
The innovative design of Milwaukee’s four-sided socket includes four parallel flats around the base of the socket, creating a square. These flats are wrench-compatible and help to deter rolling when sockets are tipped over or dropped. The material removed to create the flats does not carry any of the load – Milwaukee says removing this material has no effect on the socket’s strength. In fact, Milwaukee notes that testing has proven that the new sockets are as strong or stronger than all other sockets on the market
For more information, visit www.milwaukeetools.com.au

Milwaukee Tool, Milwaukee M12 Fuel 1/2-inch and 3/8-inch Digital Torque Wrench
While its new M12 Fuel 1/2-inch and 3/8-inch Digital Torque Wrenches are the first motorised torque wrenches on the market and provide automotive workshop owners and their customers with the peace of mind that the repair or upgrade has been completed using the exact torque specifications specified by the OE manufacturer of the vehicle or the supplier of the components. This tool provides simple one-button recording functionality to save the data and then customise a report of this data to provide verification for inspectors or engineers – ultimately removing the need to manually record the torque value for each fastener.
For more information, visit www.milwaukeetools.com.au