AAAA Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – 4WD

The competition for AAAA Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – 4WD award was exceptionally close with eight entries in total from seven companies. In this issue, we take a look at the entrants who vied for this award including the winning Hulk 4×4 Adjustable Vehicle Door Step from CoolDrive Auto Parts.

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WINNER – CoolDrive Auto Parts, Hulk 4×4 Adjustable Vehicle Door Step

The Hulk 4×4 HU2705 adjustable door step allows easy access to the roof of the vehicle. Taking just seconds to set up, the adjustable vehicle door step offers a long, extended platform, which allows both feet to fit and is rated to carry a total of 180kg. Its scissor lock system safely locks the door step in place while in use, with its two adjustable positions meaning that it will suit both front and rear doors. The Hulk 4×4 adjustable door step includes a handy carry bag, folds flat for easy storage, and is perfect for loading camping gear, kayaks, bicycles, or car-washing. The adjustable door step is part of Hulk 4×4’s touring and camping accessories range which also includes awnings, outdoor matting, jerry cans, first aid kits and a folding saw.
For more information, visit www.hulk4x4.com.au

Eurospares Depot: Electric Secondary Park Brake Kit

Eurospares has redesigned the OE brake caliper of popular four wheel drive utes to incorporate an electronic park brake as seen on many new cars on the market. The mechanical hand brake, brake disc, pad, and caliper piston remain the same as OE to not affect the Australian Design Rules compliance of the vehicle. When the switch is applied, the redesigned brake caliper locks the brake pads against the brake disc preventing the vehicle from moving. Apart from electrical power and one control wire, the system is independent of the electrical and hydraulic systems of the vehicle. As an added safety measure, the system will engage when the vehicle ignition is cycled off. The kits include rear brake calipers, wiring harness, control switch and instructions.
For more information, visit www.eurospares.com.au

TJM Products, TJM Pro Series Twin Air Compressor

TJM says it has successfully created an industry leading air compressor that can combat the harsh Australian environment and inflate tyres quicker than ever before through a new, revolutionary design. TJM says the Pro Series Twin Air Compressor has been revered for its best-in class performance when tested against its direct competitors. This 12V air compressor can inflate four tyres (from 16 to 40 PSI) in five minutes and 21 seconds with “zero chance” of automatic shut-off caused by overheating and allows a consistent and continuous airflow while operating. Further, the compressor’s multifunctional design can power air suspension systems or air powered tools when combined with TJM’s 5L Air Tank. It can even inflate a single tyre from 0 PSI to 40 PSI in two minutes and 30 seconds.
For more information, visit www.tjm.com.au

Don Kyatt Spare Parts, Terrain Tamer Air Filter Insert Kits

Terrain Tamer has designed a range of vehicle specific, stainless-steel filter inserts for the most problematic vehicle models, which, when fitted, create a surface area that perfectly matches the filter, aligning in the correct position to properly seal, and effectively working to reduce the issue of dusting. A simple and affordable innovation, the insert holds the airbox structure, which of course means that the risk of engine damage from dust particles is greatly reduced. The Air Filter Inserts are sold in kits, which also include the corresponding Terrain Tamer Air Filter, as well as the sealant required, making it a quick, simple and whole solution for workshops or home mechanics to fit without needing to source anything extra.
For more information, visit www.terraintamer.com.au

Don Kyatt Spare Parts, Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Parabolic Springs

Terrain Tamer’s Parabolic Springs contain fewer leaves than regular leaf springs and get their name from their tapered ‘parabolic’ design, meaning the spring is thicker in the centre and thinner toward the ends, rather than the usual linear style. This design eliminates the weight of often heavy, thick, traditional leaf packs and dramatically reduces the unsprung weight of the vehicle. This makes them both safer on the road, and in the workshop where a two-man-lift to fit a heavier leaf spring might prove to be impractical, or impossible. Effectively coupling a more comfortable ride with a strength not afforded to traditional springs, the Parabolic design also helps the spring to flex while still providing the strength needed to bear the weight of heavy loads.
For more information, visit www.terraintamer.com.au

Rediffusion DC Power, Topo Wireless-Ready 144AH Long Range Lithium and Remote Wireless Monitor

The Topo DC Power wireless-ready 144Ah Long Range Lithium Model range features three different battery capacities and models to choose from to suit user needs. Packed full of features, Topo DC Power says the plug and play system keeps your 12 Volt power easy, neat, and straightforward. Built-in a tough protective slimline steel casing is a powerful 12Volt/144Amp, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery which is long-lasting and said to be a vastly more stable battery than other lithium types, providing safe and convenient energy storage and transfer. The complete portable 12V System weighs in at 21kg(144AH), making it a much lighter alternative, and its slim design makes it fit behind seats, tucked away easily and nicely. A dedicated Solar charge input is also available for an unregulated solar power source.
For more information, visit www.topodcpower.com.au

Ryco Group, 4×4 Filtration Upgrade Kits

Ryco created its 4×4 Filtration Upgrade Kit to not only prevent intake manifold sludging but also control fuel contamination. The kits offer bespoke fitment for specific vehicle engine bays and not only provide effective preventive maintenance by way of a fuel water separator and crankcase ventilation catch can, but importantly deliver the ‘genuine look.’ With the upgrade kits, Ryco has made it possible to purchase one package, under one part number, purpose designed to fit the specific engine bay – meeting not just enthusiasts’ needs, but also the needs of workshops tasked with installing the solution. The kits have been designed not only to offer an OE like fit using engine bay specific mounting hardware and moulded emission hoses, but also provide adequate tool clearance for the job at hand.
For more information, visit www.rycofilters.com

Narva, Ultima LED Light Bars

Narva Ultima LED light bars produce enormous amounts of useful driving light with no dark spots or hot spots. The 24-inch bar, for example, outputs 16,000 effective lumens and reaches up to 900 metres, with a light beam that is up to 70 metres wide at 600 metres, ensuring maximum visibility out front and to the sides. What makes these bars truly innovative is both their modular design – allowing you to connect them side by side to achieve your desired length – as well as Narva’s built-in Connect+ technology that when combined with an optional controller, gives you light dimming controls, custom presets and a boost mode for changing light output on the fly to suit your driving conditions. The light bars are expected to be released over the coming months.
For more information, visit www.narva.com.au