AAAA Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – Accessories

The competition for the AAAA Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – Accessories award was exceptionally close with seven entries in total from six companies. In this issue, we take a look at the entrants who vied for this award including the winning HSP Roll R Cover Series 3 from HSP 4×4.

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HSP 4×4, HSP Roll R Cover Series 3 – WINNER
HSP says it pioneered the electric roller cover in Australia, being the first to introduce a fully electric Ute roller shutter into the Australian market. That was in 2015, and HSP says while there may now be other covers that offer what it did over half a decade ago, it can safely say that its Roll R Cover Series 3 has reset the benchmark. It states the HSP Roll R Cover Series 3 is the world’s most advanced retractable cover packed with patented features, stating that it works with your factory remote and your mobile phone and is priced lower than less feature-packed imported units. With the ability to retain sports bars, ladder racks or cross bars, the HSP electric roller cover truly allows you to customise your tub. Further, the Series 3 Roll top’s flat surface makes it easy to mount Genuine Sports bars and any other configuration you need without sticking out above your Ute’s cabin.
For more information, visit www.hsputelids.com

Trico Products, 303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating
303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating is a graphene-oxide based spray coating which is said to provide superior and long-lasting protection to the exterior of the vehicle, but without expense, or time spent applying a professional coating. It combines the ease of use of SiO2 Spray Sealants, with the protection of Ceramic coatings. Trico Products says the quick and simple-to-use spray on, wipe off product offers a high level of protection for over one year, enhances gloss and paint clarity, evacuates water quickly from the surface, and lowers surface temperature to reduce water spotting. 303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating can reportedly be applied in direct sunlight unlike many products on the market today, is layerable, and is safe for use on a variety of surfaces, including paint, glass, trim, plastic, chrome, metal, and even vinyl wraps. 303 Products are distributed exclusively in Australia by Trico Products Australia.
For more information, visit www.303products.com.au or www.303graphene.com.au

GPC Asia Pacific, Eclipse KlearLights headlight restoration wipes
GPC Asia Pacific’s Eclipse KlearLights headlight restoration wipes allow users to restore yellowed, faded and unsafe headlights in just two minutes. Traditional headlight restoration kits often rely on abrasive processes to physically remove UV degraded and yellowed plastics from car headlight lenses. This process can be time consuming and tedious, requiring many steps to achieve a reasonable outcome. GPC Asia Pacific explains that its KlearLights headlight restoration technology is a revolutionary and simple three step ‘wipe on’ process that utilises state of the art chemistry to restore weathered, hazy, yellowed and cloudy headlight lenses back to crystal clarity. Step one converts the degraded surface of polycarbonate headlight lenses to a clean, stable base. Step two significantly enhances the optical transmission while the specially formulated UV protective resins lock in the headlight clarity for up to 12 months. Thus, deteriorated headlight lenses are dramatically improved in terms of safety through increased visibility of oncoming vehicles.
For more information, visit www.gpcasiapac.com

RacksBrax, RacksBrax HD Hitch
The innovative quick release RacksBrax HD Hitch means roof rack mounted pull-out awnings and conduit tubes can be locked-on or taken off roof racks in less than 10 seconds; improving fuel consumption and reducing the effects of weather on awnings in particular. The RacksBrax HD Hitch also allows tradesmen and off-road enthusiasts to quickly swap out roof rack mounted awnings or conduit tubes to a wall mounted RacksBrax HD Hitch unit in their garage, protecting them from the elements whilst keeping them easily accessible for the next adventure. This minimalist, sleek, rattle free, roof rack hitch with a built-in lock has been designed to fit almost all existing roof rack mounted pull-out awnings and conduit tube brackets on the market. RacksBrax explains that its products are manufactured in Australia and are tested in the field to make sure they meet with the RacksBrax rigorous standards.
For more information, visit www.racksbrax.com

GPC Asia Pacific, Eclipse Premium Snow Cannon
GPC Asia Pacific explains that the Eclipse Premium Hyper Foam Cannon covers the car in a thick bubbly film that picks up the loose dust and dirt and lifts it from the paint, creating the optimal clean surface to start applying car wash, car polish or car wax. The Eclipse Hyper Foam Snow Cannon can be used with all leading brands of foaming car washes. It is made to be used with a pressure washer and comes with two pressure washer adaptors: MechproBlue and the KarcherK Series. The five-way spray design allows the customer to foam their car faster and more efficiently, achieving maximum productivity with minimum waste. The spray combinations can be changed at the click of a button, making it super easy to foam the car in any direction. Spray options include cone, jet, horizontal fan, vertical fan and down.
For more information, visit www.gpcasiapac.com

Rediffusion DC Power, Topo MAG Series Two Way Magnetic Distribution Power Board
Rediffusion DC Power says the Topo DC Power MAG Series is the world’s first product of its kind, designed for Australia’s automotive aftermarket industry. The boards have been designed to complement Topo’s lithium power systems and are compatible for all existing 12 Volt power systems wanting to add, daisy chain, or extend additional low draw 12V auxiliary outputs. Rediffusion DC Power says, “to say we have only designed and manufactured an aesthetic-looking product, paperweight/fridge magnet, would be subjective and biased, but we can also say we have an honest product that is innovative, useful, understandable, long-lasting, and unobtrusive.” Rediffusion says whether you are changing your setup or vehicle, it is no problem. The product guides users into a more straightforward and imaginative custom 12V setup and the non-permanent mounting system gives users the freedom to reconfigure, extend, and take their power with them within arms each.
For more information, visit www.topodcpower.com.au

Selley’s, Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pro Line
They Hybrid Solutions Pro range is a range of professional products featuring the benefits of Graphene. Hybrid Solutions Pro Graphene Flex Wax is a spray wax that delivers a strong graphene wax coating with long-lasting protection, incredible gloss and slickness. It can be used on both wet and dry surfaces and provides water repellent and heat dissipation for increased UV protection. Flex Wax can be applied as a protective coating after paint correction, as a regular maintenance product after washing, or as a standalone protective coating. Hybrid Solutions Pro One and Done Professional Polishing Compound Correct and Finish is a flexible, top-of-the-line polishing compound, smoothing deep scratches and swirls while adding a wet, reflective polish to any glossy clear coat. It is a powerful product that does not damage the car wax and features aluminium oxide abrasives which remove up to 1000 grit to erase noticeable imperfections, while advanced platelets slide and glide to protect the car finish.
For more information, visit www.turtlewax.com.au