Hyper BMW PowerSports offers the KMS Engine Control Module to the aftermarket

KMS Engine Control Modules have been developed to piggyback to your car for easy EFI upgrade, motorsports, and modern engine conversions.
The biggest threat to our aftermarket society, motorsport, and vehicle restoration, is engine economy and engine availability says Hyper BMW PowerSports.
With a KMS Engine management unit, Hyper BMW PowerSports says you can upgrade your old carburetor engine to EFI, coil pack ignition, and digital management, with one simple package.
Hyper BMW PowerSports has also developed a suite of Carburetor adaptors to suit fuel injection, whilst retaining the original Carb as a throttle valve.
It also uses KMS Engine management hardware and software on its customer’s race cars, and those wishing to use a V8 to replace the six cylinder or four cylinder their vehicle was manufactured with.
The MD35 pictured supports up to 12 cylinder engines, and piggyback via OEM connections to run body modules.
Hyper BMW PowerSports says KMS Management software is simple to use for tuning and boasts a 95 percent plug and play installation. Instructions and in-depth setup as well as after sales support is provided by Hyper BMW PowerSports 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.
Each MD35 management system includes Android Bluetooth dashboard and wiring for data ports, while extended wiring for engine or EFI conversion is available on request.
Further, connection via USB Port to PC or laptop using the KMS Software provided makes the whole experience pleasant, says Hyper BMW PowerSports.
Hyper BMW PowerSports has also utilised the last four years to develop an Engine Control System, based on this very similar KMS framework, to piggyback its electric AC motor range to your existing chassis.
It says this project is solely focused on providing the easiest, most sympathetic, and most affordable EV conversion for any vehicle, utilising one, two, or four AC motors, and in some trial instances, multi-gear transmissions.
Hyper BMW PowerSports says its passion is preserving the classics, motorsport advancements, and focusing on as much stress free DIY as possible, to reduce the cost point for owners and race teams.
From custom Air/Fuel systems, the 6-PAK supercharger system, unique engine conversions, and built to spec race cars, to developing teams and branding for workshops, sponsorship management, and driver training, Hyper BMW PowerSports says it has just about everyone covered.

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