AAAA Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – Performance

The competition for the AAAA Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – Performance award was exceptionally close with six entries in total from six AAAA members. In this issue, we take a look at the entrants who vied for this award including the winning Garrett G-Smart Module from Garrett Advancing Motion.

Garrett Advancing Motion – WINNER, Garrett G-Smart Module
Garrett says its G-Smart Module is a great example of modern innovation, offering drivers unparalleled insights into their vehicle’s power dynamics. At its core, the G-Smart Module represents a convergence of cutting-edge technology and user-centric design, revolutionising the way drivers interact with their turbochargers and unlocking new dimensions of performance optimisation. Not only is this module looking to empower users with data and insights, but it also aims to improve serviceability and profitability for Garrett and its distributors, by streamlining diagnostics and improving warranty response. One of the key innovations of the G-Smart Module is its real-time performance monitoring capabilities. By leveraging Bluetooth technology and the G-Smart application, users can access live turbo speed and boost pressure readings directly on their mobile devices. This real-time feedback allows drivers to make informed decisions about their driving behaviour and turbocharger operation, optimising performance and efficiency on the go.
For more information, visit www.garrettmotion.com

Valvoline, Hybrid Vehicle Engine Oil
Valvoline explains that oils designed for Internal Combustion Engines simply don’t work as well in Hybrid engines. Hybrid engines run cooler, and they start and stop more frequently as power switches from petrol combustion to electric. This causes a build-up of unburnt fuel and condensation within the engine itself and that fuel and water can cause rust and corrosion while accelerating wear and friction and can also increase sludge – all of which damages the engine, causing costly repair bills. Valvoline Hybrid was specifically engineered and tested for superior hybrid performance. There are two crucial elements: an Anticorrosive Shield plus Trap and Lock Technology. The Anticorrosive Shield provides enhanced protection from rust and corrosion, while the Trap and Lock technology prevents damage from fuel and water. Valvoline states that no other oil has Trap and Lock technology, explaining that this innovation is unique to Valvoline and trademarked.
For more information, visit www.valvolineglobal.com.au

Pedders Suspension and Brakes, Mustang Rear Electric Park Brake
Pedders Suspension and Brakes says its electric park brake for Mustang provides enhanced control and performance, allowing drivers to engage and disengage the brake more precisely. This can contribute to improved handling and overall driving experience. The more important performance advantage is the increase to a four-pot caliper. This increased surface area helps generate more friction between the pad and the rotor, giving you more power from the standard one pot original equipment version. Meanwhile four piston calipers generate more consistent pressure (clamp force) to both brake pads across a greater surface area of the brake pad. Rotor dimensions are also increased from 330 to 355mm in diameter and 25 to 32mm in thickness. The vented opening is also increased from 10 to 17mm. By combining advanced technology, safety features, ease of installation, and a seamless integration with OEM standards, Pedders says this product provides Mustang owners with an innovative and upgraded driving experience.
For more information, visit www.pedders.com.au

Whiteline Suspension, Whiteline VB WRX Grip Series Kit
The Whiteline VB WRX Grip Series Kit is a meticulously designed ensemble of sway bars, coil springs, and polyurethane bushings, addressing the Subaru VB WRX’s understeer tendency. The kit enhances vehicle stability and handling without sacrificing safety or comfort, and unlike piecemeal upgrades, is said to offer a comprehensive solution to understeer and handling challenges. The sway bars, key to reducing body roll, are adjustable, offering personalised handling settings to suit diverse driving conditions and preferences. This adjustability, combined with the enhanced roll stiffness balance, significantly reduces understeer, allowing for a more responsive and engaging driving experience. The front and rear coil springs, designed to lower the vehicle’s centre of gravity, not only improve performance but also contribute to an aggressive, road-hugging stance, while the unique progressive rate coil design ensures aesthetics and handling are enhanced without compromising safety and ride quality.
For more information, visit www.whiteline.com.au

Castrol Australia, Castrol HYSPEC
Castrol’s HYSPEC standard is defined by 15 hybrid-relevant industry tests – supplemented by relevant bespoke tests where gaps existed within the suite of available industry bench tests – to create the world’s first hybrid performance standard for lubricants. For an oil to be certified as delivering against the HYSPEC standard, it was agreed a Castrol lubricant would need to demonstrate at least 25 percent benefit against the HYSPEC standard across critical areas. Following months of stakeholder engagement, comprehensive independent testing, and the reformulation of several existing product variants, in late-2023 Castrol was ready to launch HYSPEC. By January 2024 a total of eight product variants had been proven to deliver at least 25 percent benefit against the HYSPEC standard and these Castrol EDGE and MAGNATEC products variants now represent Castrol’s core offer for hybrid vehicles and provide workshops with a range that can meet the handbook requirements of nearly 100 percent of the hybrid carpark domestically.
For more information, visit www.castrol.com.au

Ryco Filters, Supercars Control Parts
Ryco developed a range of new filtration products specifically for the GEN3 Supercar program. Z928ST and Z160ST oil filters were tested on the respective GEN3 Supercar prototypes and eventually included in the control parts for racing. The Ryco SynTec premium oil filter removes 98.9 percent of contaminants and exceeds OEM specifications. The Z5000RP Ryco Performance Fuel Filter is the technical control fuel filter utilised by Supercars and instead of the coarse-particle pleated metal screens found in other fuel filters, includes a rolled element that filters down to seven microns at 98.67 percent efficiency. Meanwhile, the A5000R Ryco NanoCel High Efficiency Air Filter is made with fire retardant and hydrophobic nano-fibre media with a unique honeycomb pleating construction, incorporating seven sqm of filtration area providing over 20,000 lpm of air flow at 7,500 rpm in full throttle race conditions, ensuring fine dust environments and performance are no challenge.
For more information, visit www.rycofilters.com

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