A growing motorsport program is helping drive Lanotec’s natural, biodegradable range of products forward

Lanotec, which offers the market natural degreasers and liquid Lanolin grease products, is moving forward with a growing motorsports partnership in 2024, spearheaded by its support of Brand Ambassador, Jay Robotham.
Jay – who first partnered with Lanotec in 2023 – is set to race in the Supercars endurance races with Brad Jones Racing alongside Bryce Fullwood in the Middy’s Chevrolet Camaro this year, alongside twin campaigns in the Thailand Super Series aboard a MARC Mustang in the GTM Championship, plus a new Ford Ranger in the Super Pickup category, with both entries running out of the Corliss Race Engineering workshop.
He is also running a limited campaign in the GT World Challenge Asia for Climax Racing aboard a Mercedes-AMG.
Before making the full-time switch to living in Asia, Jay won the opening two rounds of the Lanotec Victorian Hyundai Excel Championship at Sandown and Winton, while he also claimed the class D pole position from the Bathurst 6 Hour aboard a Toyota 86.
In addition to its backing of Jay, for 2024 Lanotec has also secured the naming rights for the Lanotec Victorian Hyundai Excel State Championship, an ever-exciting grassroots category that is proving to be a breeding ground for the next generation of racing stars.
At the same time, it continues to support Glenn Ridge in his tarmac rallying endeavours, with his rare Mazda RX-7 SP a crowd favourite at events around the country; and is also involved in the world of Motocross with Gavin Heggs and his Twist It Moto operation, which runs coaching clinics around the country and the region to improve the skills of riders of all age groups.
The brand has previously been involved in a range of other disciplines, including powerboat racing, but the company says there is a simple reason why Lanotec has chosen to concentrate on motorsport-related partnerships.
“For starters, we are car people, we live and breathe it, so it is natural that we have followed a path that has taken us into the motorsport world,” Lanotec Australia General Manager, Robert Doncon, said.
“We have found that we aren’t alone in loving motorsport, with many of our retailers and end users sharing this passion. It also provides us with great exposure which fuels recall in the marketplace.
“For example, last year, through our partnership with Jay Robotham, we were on the front of his Supercar at Bathurst and Sandown, which exposed the brand to a huge audience while also providing a buzz for those involved in the company.”

The growing list of partnerships for Lanotec are delivering the company a wide array of benefits.
“Our motorsport program has definitely grown in 2024, especially with Jay moving to Asia, where he can concentrate full-time on his various racing programs,” Robert said.
“Even though we are Australian-made and owned, Lanotec has a big presence across Southeast Asia, so combining our efforts there with a strong Australian flavour makes a lot of sense.
“The upshot of that program is the Australian media has a lot of interest in Aussies racing overseas, and we can take ownership of that.
“Locally, supporting the Victorian Excel Racing has come about via an introduction from the Robotham family, and we couldn’t be happier with the early results.
“The class has massive fields and a huge following, especially with their races broadcast live through Blend Line TV’s platforms.
“Every participant in the class would have a use for Lanotec products in their home or work lives, so for the investment, it is providing some great exposure and introductions for the brand.
“Lanotec’s range can be used in a wide variety of industries for a huge array of applications, with motorsport a true real-world test – and awareness we generate through our involvement in motorsport adds further credibility to the reputation of our products.
“Outside of the fact that Lanotec’s products have been developed for use in tough environments, the offering is all-natural and safe to use, and made in Australia – some significant selling points we can convey through motorsport.
“Our underlying ethos is that we develop our products to outperform and outlast the competition, so putting our range to use in the motorsport world is the perfect testbed for the various formulations.
“While our clean and green environmental credentials are a great selling point, the products still have to perform, and through motorsport, we can demonstrate that Lanotec really works.”
Of course, the most successful partnerships are those that are appropriately leveraged, with Lanotec committed to making sure it makes the most of its activities in this space.
“Obviously, the programs have very different scopes, and we tailor support packages to suit,” Robert said.
“With the Victorian Excels, we are engaging our reps on the ground at the events to ensure that drivers, teams, and fans are aware of our different product lines.
“In the Thailand Super Series, there is more of an emphasis on the business-to-business relationships between Lanotec and the other team partners.”

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