Taking car protection to a new technological level of excellence

There are a multitude of exterior and interior protection products available to Australian motorists, but 303 Products says very few truly excel in quality and long-term effectiveness.
The United States manufactured 303 Products says its exterior and interior protection product ranges lead the world in the science of surface cleaners and protectants.
303 Products explains these premium quality automotive car care products were derived from the development of the world’s first UV-screening surface treatments that were initially developed and perfected for NASA and the aerospace industry.
As a result of this “world first surface protection technology,” 303 Products says it has “set the industry standard for total UV protection on virtually any surface.”
There are three premium quality 303 vehicle detailing products available to Australian and New Zealand motorists: 303 Automotive Protectant, 303 All Surface Interior Cleaner, and the “revolutionary” new 303 Graphene Nano coating.
Unlike other interior cleaners, 303 Products states its All Surface Interior Cleaner can be used on almost any surface including vinyl, plastics, rubber, fabrics, and leather, and even on LCD screens.
It is gentle and safe, but still has the strength to clean away tough stains. It lifts dirt from the surface when sprayed on, and wipes off residue free. This product also helps to repel dust and dirt, and leaves a clean natural appearance on the surface after its application.
After prepping the surface with the interior cleaner, 303 Automotive Protectant can be applied to create tough UV barrier protection against the harsh Australian sun which over time can cause fading and cracking.
303 Automotive Protectant product restores lost colour and lustre from vehicle interior surfaces while also repelling dust, soiling and stains and lasts up to four to ten times longer than competing products in the market.
Further, 303 Automotive Protectant rejuvenates and protects tyres, bodywork, plastic bumpers, guard flares, trims and lenses, car bras, tonneau covers, chrome and alloy wheels, providing outstanding UV, dust and water resistance.
303 Products says its 303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating is the most exciting new addition to its automotive range, taking car owners to the next step beyond ceramic.
Transforming a matte shine to an outstanding gleaming shine, it says this state-of-the-art vehicle protection product offers more than 12 months of premium protection.
303 Products state that this “unparalleled” chemical formulation actually lowers vehicle surface temperature, thereby reducing water-spotting.
The formulation sheds water quickly and can be used on any surface including wheels, trim and glass without leaving any residue.
The 303 Graphene Nano Spray can also be applied in direct sunlight and on any colour vehicle.
303 Products says it represents the new generation of car interior and exterior products that “need to be used to be believed.”
It states these technologically advanced products have transformed the formerly time consuming, expensive and labour-intensive process of maintaining vehicle exterior and interior shine and stain resistance.
The 303 Products range is available from quality automotive aftermarket parts and accessories stores nationwide.

For more information, visit www.303products.com.au