Original Flex Couplings from Germany

SGF designs and manufactures power transmission products such as flexible couplings for car companies around the globe.
SGF explains that its Flexible Drive Couplings are fitted as Original Equipment to many RWD and AWD vehicles by vehicle manufacturers including Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes Benz, VW and Hyundai.
The purpose of a flex coupling is to:
a. Effectively transmit rotational torque.
b. Compensate for axial, radial and angular misalignment in the vehicle’s drivetrain.
c. Be engineered to handle the operating and torque peaks of the engine.
d. Be application tuned to eliminate or reduce the Noise, Vibration, Resonance and other disturbing harmonic signatures generated by the vehicle’s powertrain.
When selecting a flexible coupling, SGF says you should remember that each vehicle’s flexible coupling is unique and even if they are dimensionally similar, the harmonic (NVH) performance is different.
It states that each SGF coupling is specifically tuned for each vehicle application.
With SGF couplings, SGF says “you get the original.” That is, the same as fitted to the vehicle when it was built.
SGF says its product advantage and competency is based on its trademark Tenpu fibre technology – a combination of unique cord inlays and rubber material that operate in tension load.
Unlike common rubber couplings that work
with shear load or pressure load on the rubber, SGF says the tension load principle ensures that the cord inlays transmit most of the load, providing a better tolerance to shock loads
and a higher power density ratio, resulting in the ability to transmit higher torque with a smaller coupling.
SGF Couplings are made in Germany, with SGF stating it has manufactured more than 90 percent of OEM Flex Couplings for vehicles since 1946.
Original SGF Couplings have the SGF logo/part number moulded or printed on the coupling itself. SGF advises you to identify this number when replacing to ensure you have been supplied with a genuine SGF coupling.
With driveshafts rotating in excess of 3000 RPM, SGF also encourages you to beware of potential NVH and safety hazards from inferior copy couplings.
Genuine SGF Couplings are available from all reputable distributors.

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