From Terrain Tamer

Terrain Tamer has recently released a range of Turbo Kits for popular 4WD diesel models, built to OE specification and including all parts required for a full replacement.
Available for a range of Toyota, Ford, Mazda and Nissan models, the kits include a genuine Garrett OE replacement Turbocharger, leveraging engineering advances in aerodynamics, materials, bearings and electric actuation to offer one of the highest quality replacement turbos on the market.
Complementing the Turbo unit is a Terrain Tamer Kit, consisting of all the parts needed for a full professional replacement install, to minimise the risk of incomplete fitment.
These kits include air and oil filters, and all required gaskets, nuts and bolts, o-rings and pipes, as well as a vehicle specific, stainless steel Terrain Tamer Air Filter Insert.
This insert has been designed to be fitted to the airbox, creating a surface area that perfectly matches the filter, aligning in the correct position to properly seal, and effectively working to reduce the issue of dusting.
“Diesel Turbos have evolved quickly in the last 10 years. As they have become standard on many vehicles, the general mechanic has also needed to evolve and it is no longer just the role of the Diesel Specialist workshop,” Terrain Tamer General Manager, Brent Hutchinson, said.
“This is where the need for a complete Turbo Kit, readily available across the country, has become important to our customer base, to ensure they are replacing all the required components. 
“Garrett is a well-respected OE Company and by preparing a complete kit under the Terrain Tamer brand, they have become an ideal partner to our organisation.
“The next step is the many training nights that are rolling out around the country to ensure the quality of the product is met with the same quality of workmanship fitting each unit.”

For more information on the available range, visit www.terraintamer.com