Topo DC Power presents the wireless-ready 144AH Long Range Lithium and Wireless Battery Monitor

Topo’s lithium power systems are a complete all-in-one Plug and Play 12V power system.
The Topo DC Power wireless-ready 144Ah Long Range Lithium Model (T-LRR-144AH-MO) is the first in its product line to include its world’s first innovative design features and technologies.
Three different battery capacities and models are available to choose from to suit user’s needs.
Simply packed full of features, Topo DC Power says the plug and play system keeps your 12 Volt power easy, neat, and straightforward.
Built-in a tough protective slimline steel casing is a powerful 12Volt/144Amp, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery.
Topo DC Power says it is long-lasting and a vastly more stable battery than other lithium types, providing you with safe and convenient energy storage and transfer. 
The complete portable 12V System weighs in at 21kg(144AH), making it a much lighter alternative, and its slim design makes it fits behind seats, tucked away easily and nicely.

Topo’s power management system ensures your battery is protected through a number of avenues:
• Protected from over and undercharging and over-discharging. 
• Built-in Audible alarms.
• Built-in Automatic High and Low Voltage shutdown.
• Built-in Vehicle Charge Sense protects your vehicle starter battery from going flat when connected to vehicle charge.
• Outputs protected with Magnetic circuit breakers. 
• Individually Colour coded, keyed, and clearly labelled Inputs and Output connections for Vehicle, Solar, Mains charging, and 12V Output make it truly Plug and Play. 

Built-in fast charging
Utilise Topo’s built-in 40Amp DC/DC Charger for vehicle fast charging when out on the road where Mains power is non-existent. A dedicated Solar charge input is available for an unregulated solar power source, so you can charge, collect and store solar power from the sun when stationary to be used later in the evening.
Topo DC Power says its product and design are the first systems of their kind to allow charge from one or all input charging sources simultaneously. 

Battery Monitoring and Wireless feature
Wireless-ready to suit Topo’s Plug and Play hands-free wireless monitor, the product features:
• Mode indicators for available Charging sources, Mains, Vehicle, Solar.
• Mode indicators for Boost, Float, and Alarm.
• State of Charge Battery Fuel Gauge.
• Net Positive or Negative Amp meter display.

For more information, visit www.topodcpower.com.au