Auto One and CarTorque are working to connect car enthusiasts

CarTorque and Auto One have entered into an exciting new partnership supporting the car enthusiast community across Australia.
The partnership brings together what is described as “Australia’s number one digital noticeboard for car enthusiasts” and the franchise-based automotive parts retailer.
The heart of the partnership is the development of Community Hubs being set up on CarTorque for each participating Auto One store.
The Community Hubs offer car enthusiasts a simple and easy way to access local news and information about car clubs, group activities and local car shows.
It also helps clubs, groups and car show organisers publicise their activities to a wider audience of car enthusiasts.
Interested parties can simply go to their local Auto One store and tell the team about their activity, and they will make sure the news is posted to the local Auto One Community Hub.
“We know the hardest part about running a club or car show is getting your message out to other local car enthusiasts. We are here to help,” Auto One Head of Marketing, Lara Galvin, said.
“CarTorque is widely used by car enthusiasts throughout Australia. Talking to the guys in store to get your message on CarTorque via our Community Hubs is the best way to reach out to other local car enthusiasts.”
To see local news, open https://cartorque.co/ and put in your location.
Another key aspect of the partnership is Auto One’s sponsorship of CarTorque’s new Popular Voting technology.
Auto One is supporting CarTorque in the development of the technology to automate popular voting at car shows using QR codes.
The system automatically counts the votes received by each car and organisers are notified of the winners as soon as voting closes.
Auto One is sponsoring the prizes for the first, second and third most popular cars and a prize for a lucky voting audience member of CarTorque.
CarTorque says this technology will revolutionise voting at car shows and make it easier for car show owners, competition entrants and attendees.
For more on this voting system, go to https://cartorque.co/car-shows-voting
CarTorque is a digital noticeboard for car enthusiasts and says it has the largest listing of local and national car shows in Australia.
Auto One is an automotive aftermarket business established in 1988. The business comprises of shareholders who are the roots of the business as they are both the franchise owners and team members who serve and provide Australians with professional advice, from their local Auto One store for all their automotive needs.
Auto One has 43 stores across Australia with retail offerings in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, the ACT, Tasmania and Western Australia.

For more information, visit www.autoone.com.au and https://cartorque.co/