With Fram Filters

New Cabin Air Filter out of the box 0kms, 2. Used Cabin Air Filter after 60,000kms, 3. Used Cabin Air Filter after 200,000kms

Established in 1932, Fram is a global filtration brand with 90 years of experience, research and development, which it says makes it a market leader in filter technology.
Fram states that it designs, develops and manufactures filters to meet or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer’s filtration specifications.
Fram explains that its products are designed, engineered and manufactured in-house, with multimillion-dollar test rigs, giving them the capabilities to test OEM-ISO/SAE/JIC specifications.
With the Summer season fast approaching, it is a pertinent time to prepare air conditioning systems for the hot weather ahead; and that includes replacing the sometimes unthought of and overlooked filter, which keeps unwanted dust and pollen particles out of the cabin.
Fram says that whilst there are filters to protect engine components on a vehicle, the most important cargo is the driver and their passengers.
Fram Cabin Air Filters allow travelers inside the vehicle to breathe cleaner air by filtering out pollen, allergens, exhaust fumes, dirt and dust that enter the vehicle through the cooling/heating ventilation.
Fram Cabin Air Filters can reportedly eliminate up to 98 percent (road dust and pollen particles ranging in size from five – 100 microns) of these impurities, providing a more enjoyable ride.
Fram says that it is the constant research, testing and development that helps to keep it up to date and at the forefront of the advancing technologies within the industry.

For more information on Fram Filters, call 08 8193 9675 or visit www.framfilters.com.au