Filtration for efficient engine operation

Filpro Automotive Australia re-launched FRAM to the Australian market back in 2018, but states that FRAM Filters has a long-standing history and “has been synonymous with world-class quality and high-performance filtration that caters to all operating conditions.”
Founded in 1932 in Rhode Island (USA), Filpro Automotive says FRAM is now a leading global filtration brand available across 174 countries; the number one selling brand in North America, and boasts more than 91 years of experience, research and development – making it a market leader in filter technology.
Multimillion-dollar test rigs give FRAM manufacturing facilities the capability to test OEM-ISO/SAE/JIC specifications; developing, testing and manufacturing filters to meet or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer’s filtration specifications.
When testing oil filters, FRAM uses a method that passes contaminated oil through a test filter multiple times, until the pressure differential across the filter reaches a pre-determined level.
The test equipment also uses optical particle counters that count the number of solid particles in the oil before and after the filter, and based on this test, an oil filter is assigned a B, or Betaratio.
FRAM says its fuel filters and water separators are the first among equals because modern fuel injection equipment demands clean and uncontaminated fuel if the injection system is to work as expected.
FRAM says that it also covers air filtration and with Australia’s harsh and demanding climate being too dry to keep the highly abrasive silicate dust from being lifted into the atmosphere by high winds, FRAM designs and manufactures to withstand these harsher conditions.
For inside the vehicle, especially for the efficiency of a vehicle’s air conditioning system and prevention of mist on the windscreen, FRAM fresh breeze cabin filters remove up to 98 percent of dust particles that are larger than 10 microns in diameter from air entering the cabin.

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