85 years of automotive filtration success

FRAM Filters says it has been a global leader in automotive filtration for more than 85 years, providing automotive repairers worldwide with industry leading quality filtration products designed to suit a broad range of vehicle applications, from passenger cars to high performance and heavy-duty vehicles.
The FRAM Filters range of oil, air, fuel and cabin filters are manufactured in accredited Original Equipment manufacturing facilities based in South Africa that also supply many of the world’s leading car manufacturers.
It says this ensures that when Australian automotive repairers and re-sellers select FRAM Filters, they are selecting premium quality at a competitive price due to the volumes that are being manufactured for the global Original Equipment market.
When it comes to engine service items such as oil, air and fuel filters, these are products that are crucial to engine performance and life, so the selection of Original Equipment specification or better filtration products is absolutely essential, says FRAM Filters.
It is what goes into the filtration products and their manufacturing process that determines the level of automotive filtration quality, it explains, stating this is particularly important when it comes to the filter media, the quality of which is imperative to ensure the long term efficiency and engine protection provided by the filtration product.
FRAM Filters says its filters are manufactured to the same and better quality standards as demanded by several of the world’s highest selling car manufacturers, with the FRAM Filters global aftermarket product range being produced in the same world class manufacturing facilities as the Original Equipment filtration products.
The FRAM Filters aftermarket filtration product range covers a vast number of oil, air, fuel and cabin filtration applications, with specific emphasis on recent release European passenger and commercial vehicles, along with broad alternate vehicle make and model coverage.

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