New ‘See Ezy’ Rechargeable LED Inspection Light model launched

The ‘See Ezy’ Rechargeable LED Inspection Light has been a popular piece of equipment in workshops and garages across Australia for several years, and Narva has now launched a new model which it says will provide even greater performance and functionality for users.
The new light is equipped with 36 SMD LEDs that produce an ultra-bright output (1000 effective lumens) which is perfect for illuminating engine bays, inspecting suspension and steering components or for use at home in DIY applications.
Another benefit of the latest model is the inclusion of a 100-lumen torch light, which develops a powerful direct beam, increasing the lamp’s functionality.
Additional versatility comes in the form of three output modes: low, high and torch, which provide the most comfortable output for the job at hand while increasing battery life.
Depending on the output selected, battery life ranges from between eight (high setting at 1000 effective lumens) and 16 hours of continuous use (low setting producing 500 effective lumens).
The new See Ezy light is also equipped with an ‘Auto turn-off’ function, which will turn off the light automatically every two hours to preserve the battery if the light has been accidentally left on.
Prior to switching off though, the flood light with flash as an early warning turn-off reminder. The Auto turn-off function can be disabled by the user if they wish, by holding the power on button for 10 seconds.
To minimise the chance of being caught out with a low battery, users can monitor battery life via an LED display which illuminates once the power button is held on for two seconds.
When charging is required, this is done via the built-in USB-C charging port and compact docking station – charging from completely flat to full charge takes about 5.5 hours.
Other features of the light include two integrated heavy-duty magnets which allows the user to conveniently position the light on a variety of metal surfaces for hands-free operation, as well as a concealed, fold-out hanging hook for the same purpose.
For longevity in tough workshop environments, the new See Ezy light features a durable, shock-resistant body which has been tested to IK07 levels, a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens, and weatherproof rubber housing (IP65) that’s been chemically tested to resist oils and fuels.
The light also benefits from a comfortable, ergonomically-designed grip that makes it perfect for long hour use.
The new See Ezy Rechargeable LED Inspection Light (part No. 71322), is available from leading transport and automotive outlets nationwide.

For more information, visit www.narva.com.au