The SuperCharge Gladiator battery is backed by a five-year warranty

Summer takes its toll on car batteries, more so than a cold winter, because higher temperatures tend to eat away at the critical internal components and chemicals in a car battery.
Under bonnet temperatures are much hotter than external temperatures, and battery failure can be the result.
So, SuperCharge says it is time to ensure that you have high-quality, long-lasting replacement car batteries for customers during the summer season when more cars will be on the road operating under a hot Australian sun – stating it is vital to have an Australian-designed product to meet our testing summer conditions.
SuperCharge says the SuperCharge Gladiator is the perfect choice as a car replacement battery as it is an upgrade on the vehicle’s Original Equipment (OE) battery.
More than that, SuperCharge explains it is Australian-designed and offers a “massive” 60 months warranty; with the company asserting that the nearest competitor’s warranty is just 42 months. In real terms, that equates to a total warranty lasting five years, says SuperCharge.
To provide such a long warranty, the battery must be of the highest quality, and SuperCharge says the SuperCharge Gladiator is just that.
Gladiator has a full framed reinforced plate grid to resist corrosion and high-density lead connectors providing strong connections with efficient current flow.
The Dura-Connectors are designed to deliver stronger plate assembly bonding for better vibration resistance.
Gladiator also boasts a plate design that uses a double-sided pasting process to improve capacity and performance.
SuperCharge says the Gladiator’s battery casing is robust, and inside the casing, separator plates are puncture and vibration resistant to enhance the battery’s longevity.
Redesigning Gladiator’s battery plates with full framed grids for both negative and positive plates and incorporating the PE Ultra Separator with increased thickness and improved strength has added to the battery’s extensive lifespan, says SuperCharge.
Gladiator’s lifespan is also reportedly enhanced with specially formulated active materials that deliver optimal recharging, and it also features Electrolyte Plus to prolong the state of charge.
Electrolyte Plus is an anti-sulfation enriched electrolyte that improves the battery’s ability to recharge easily and supply more starts in hot or cold conditions.
SuperCharge explains that there is a SuperCharge Gladiator suited to most cars and 4WD vehicles with 12-volt systems.

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