Pioneering collaborative growth in the automotive industry

The Australian Automotive Service Dealers Network (AASDN), a network of independent automotive workshops across Australia, recently marked over a decade of fostering innovation and collaboration in the automotive sector.
Established to address industry challenges such as the need for technical training, high tooling costs, and staffing issues, AASDN now supports more than 120 leading workshops committed to excellence in vehicle care and customer service.
AASDN provides its members with significant benefits, including advanced technical and business training focused on modern diagnostics and car repair.
These sessions, led by global experts, help members stay at the forefront of automotive technology.
The network also offers business mentoring to enhance workshop management, improve profitability, and achieve a better work-life balance.
Members also enjoy access to a shared tool library, reducing the financial burden of acquiring specialised tools necessary for servicing modern vehicles.
Further, AASDN explains that it fosters a strong community through social events and networking opportunities, enabling members to exchange insights and build relationships within the industry.
A highlight for AASDN this year has been its participation at the Australian Aftermarket Automotive Expo in Melbourne.
Hosting its first booth at Expo, AASDN engaged with preferred suppliers and industry peers, generating new membership applications.
AASDN says this event underscored its active role in industry advancements and its commitment to a supportive network.
Looking forward, AASDN says it is excited about upcoming training sessions across various states, ensuring that its members are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge.
As AASDN continues to broaden its impact and enhance its offerings, it says its commitment to its values and supporting the Australian aftermarket community remains steadfast.

For more information, contact bdm@aasdnwa.com.au (AASDN West) or aasdneastcoast@gmail.com (AASDN East).